Francis' Friend Indulges in Conspiracy Theory

Pope Francis’ biographer, Austen Ivereigh, told (August 10) that an alleged “resistance” against Pope Francis includes “different cardinals,” the circle around Benedict XVI and “very rich and powerful groups in the US.”

However, Ivereigh believes that Benedict XVI himself is “very loyal” to the pope while Francis’ critics are “very well organized” and launch an attack “every month."

“These tactics are very typical of the United States and the techniques the conservatives used against Obama,” Ivereigh reveals is radical left position.

Cardinal Müller is according to him the “leader” of the “opposition”, but Ivereigh must admit, that Müller is retired and powerless.

The persistent discussion about Francis’ heresies, Ivereigh tries to stop by insisting on the “traditional respect of the papal magisterium.”

Picture: Austen Ivereigh, © Austeni, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsIbprdtehsb
Rather, Ivereigh uses non-typical "tactics" for a papal biographer, but perhaps typical for Francis' biographer?
Dr Bobus
Is Ivereigh saying that there is group opposed the Francis similar to the St Gallen Mafia that was opposed to BXVI?
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Sadly those who 'resist' from within the novus ordo organisation are mere paper tigers.
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True resistance is found in