Who Is Pope? Only God Knows - Texas Bishop

“Only God knows who is really the pope, Benedict or Francis,” the retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida, 95, Texas, wrote on his blog (February 15).

Personally he “guesses” that Benedict is still pope and Francis an “anti-pope”,

“But that is just my intuition, not my canonical/theological opinion,” he adds.

Picture: René Gracida, #newsBuulvakjfb
Only God knows, that is for sure.
Well, father, @Don Reto Nay, that's true, but, if he was forced to resign, and there are good reasons to believe just that, and the coertion is still in play, he wouldn't have a choice in that matter...
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This all stems from the homosexual infultration of the institutional Church back in the late 50s, early 60s. The hard truth is that those clergy - including the pope - used methods to hide the scandal. As a result, there are many victims, lost sheep, and disgraced clergy. Talking about two popes is a ridiculous diversion.
Sodomites have, as you say, "infiltrated" the institutional Church for many centuries now. Saints, Popes and Councils have had to directly and severely address it several times throughout the history of the Church. It's not new at all. It is just far more observable and open today, with the proliferation of modern global communication methods and technology.
certainly there are a lot of questions and confusion
The problem for those who believe that Benedict is still the pope, is that Benedict himself does not believe it. At least he treats Francis as the pope.
What Benedict believes is completely irrelevant to what objective reality is.

At one point every human being who walked the earth believed the earth was flat. It did not change the objective reality. There are men walking around who actually believe they are women and the force of law confirms them in their perverted delusions. It doesn't change objective reality.
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Objective reality also shows Pope (emeritus) Benedict XVI has publicly and formally retired as head of the Holy Mother Church. As you correctly pointed out, his beliefs might be irrelevant but his actions are a different matter.
Not everyone believes in the validity of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation. In fact, there are up to 20 objective arguments to that effect:…/the-validity-of…
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Ultraviolet, I think you fail to realize that objective reality on the question of the canonical validity of a papal resignation is specified in Canon 332 §2, final clause, to have NOTHING at all to do with the consensus of the Cardinals or Bishops, but solely on conformity to that canon. Sorry!
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I know for sure that Bergoglio is not the pope. Not sorry to say it either.…/the-validity-of…
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Well, that would be my opinión, but not with total certitude and recognizing I'm not the proper authority, so I have to submit myself, trying to be faithful and waiting and hoping this situation passes... God willing...
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