Legion of Christ Faces Profound Changes

The Legion of Christ will receive on September 15 new statutes, approved for five years.

According to (August 12) the vow “to keep secrecy" that allowed some abuses to happen, has been abolished.

With the new statutes, the Legion with its 1,501 priests becomes a part of the Regnum Christi Federation and will be on the same level as the 523 consecrated women and the 59 consecrated men. Before, Regnum Christi was controlled by the Legion. There are also 22,652 non-consecrated lay members

Among the three general directors of the Federation is even a woman, Gloria Rodriguez of the female Regnum Christi, together with Father Eduardo Robles-Gil, of the Legionaries, and Jorge Lopez, of the male Regnum Christi.

The Federation runs 128 schools serving 37,000 students, mainly in Mexico, Spain and Latin America.