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Bishop McElroy Was Informed in 2016 about Cardinal McCarrick

Former priest Richard Sipe, 85, died on August 8 at his California home. He was a psychotherapist and author of several books about clerical homosexual abuse.

In August 2016 Sipe delivered a letter with results of his research to pro-gay Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, California, whom he had met before in the bishop's office.

The letter to McElroy is published on Sipe’s webpage

Sipe informed McElroy that “Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been reported by numerous seminarians and priests of sexual advances and activity.” The indication had no consequences.

In Chile, Pope Francis forced bishops into retirement who where in a similar position regarding the homosexual abuser Father Fernando Karadima.

Sipe further writes in his letter that it is credibly established that thirty percent of the bishops are homosexuals. Most of them were named by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.

Picture: Robert McElroy, #newsYtafrvamcy
Tesa have got a very telling clock on their website (posted 14th August 218)
Cela confirme la mafia LGBTQ qui a pris naissance, non pas maintenant mais à la suite de Vatican II.
He knew. He must resign.
Lavin said, "when I was 12 years old that I would be taken on retreats were spiritual bonding between older men and younger boys took place." They assured him the pain would go away, gave warnings to keep secret and delivered threats of dire consequences if he told anyone. (He did tell his mother who slapped him and told him never to talk that way about a priest or nun.) He … More
And 100% of de 500 modernists at Vatican II were "named" by Pius XII. That means nothing, the Pope can't know about every ordination, he has to trust the local church. That's inevitable...
If all of them knew about the homosexual predator McCarrick, then by deduction Bergoglio also knew.
Robert McElroy can be contacted at or (858) 490-8300.…/bp.-robert-mcel…
He died only a few days ago? Oh my...
Richard Sipe: I know the names of at least four priests who have had sexual encounters with Cardinal McCarrick