On to Northern Ireland

It is no surprise that abortion law change in Northern Ireland is already being discussed and pushed. "The position in Northern Ireland is now highly anomalous and I think, probably, action will …
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When Pope Benedict resigned, within 2 hours the Vatican was struck by lightning twice! Since the repeal of the Law in Ireland, immense storms and unprecedented lightning strikes have been ravaging Ireland. In the UK many universities subsidised Irish students to return home to vote for the repeal of the Law. Universities offering bursaries to Irish students included Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham,… More
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May God save the Northern Ireland..
In the name of Jesus
Amen, @Our Lady of Sorrows. But some responsibility falls to the people of Ireland who are not incapable of knowing the truth of abortion, even if it's made a good deal more difficult by the intentional silence of the pope and too many of his bishops.
The North doesn't have sodomite marriage. Presbyterians, at least the wee frees, might be heretics, but less weakness towards faggotry. Hopefully, the DUP dependent Conservatives will do nothing.
Sadly, North Ireland is numerous with protestants. The apostasy of the numerous kontinues.
As Jesus teaches us, Holy Scripture must be fulfilled.
We are the remnant faithful, Almighty God please strengthen us in thee.
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Hopefully the proper Catholics in N. Ireland will start fighting with Mass, Daily Rosary, Adoration to prevent the murder of children spreading to them. No time for complacency, the enemy never sleeps.
"There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.” Sister Lucia dos Santos, Fatima seer.
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