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Pagan Ceremony At Priestly Ordination

The New Zealand bishops’ conference published on Facebook (April 15) a video showing the priestly ordination of Father John Billy.

Billy is the first priest from the Kamia Tribe who was ordained for Kerema Diocese, Papua New Guinea.

On his way to the ordination, Fr Billy was accompanied by half naked, dancing people.

The bishops' Facebook explains that the dance allegedly symbolised a "Bird of Paradise".


Allen Thrasher
The Papuas might find goose-stepping soldiers in a Corpus Christi procession rather odd and inappropriate.

Anyway, the fact that some thing was done by a group while they were pagans doesn't mean it's pagan by unchangeable essence. The Church has even allowed the use of pagan religious objects and practices to be employed in worship, with appropriate changes.

As far as I can make out the ladies… More
Holy Cannoli
There’s NO chance of this sort of thing creeping into the New Zealand liturgy. Besides, it’s just like Bocelli warming up to sing at mass.
Forward to minute 3 where the festivities begin.
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What the ___ did I just watch?
Roberto 55
other version of Planet of Apes?
Holy Cannoli
The possibility of Liturgical Dance adaptations are staggering.

this is on the way to the ordination - not at the ordination according to the post. And anyway what's wrong with a native ceremony of celebration? @mccallansteve
Nothing like having a pagan ceremony for a priest.