Dubia Cardinal Brandmüller Becomes Victim of Abuse Hysteria

Cardinal Walter Brandmüller, 89, believes that the present-day Church is “shaken to its foundations” due to homosexual abuse “in an almost epidemic manner among the clergy and even in the hierarchy” …
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I ask again.....who will please step up and lead our Church out of this deep malaise we have fallen into? Did Our Lady not tell us at Fatima that Russia (socialism) will spread her errors around the world? Did St. Pius X plead with us in vain? Lord have mercy; Our Lady pray for us.
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I read Fr Bernard Haring CSsR in my early twenties when I had a great love for all things Redemptorist, the congregation St Alphonsus founded. And with NO theological and philosophical formation I instinctively knew, this man was a heretic. I remember I was so disappointed. And then I met Rev Fr Tim Buckley CSsR at a Redemptorist monastery in Alton, Hampshire. Who proudly gave me a copy of his … More
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