New Australian Tie-Bishop Wants to be “Welcoming” [For Gays Only]

Bishop elect Shane Mackinlay of Sandhurst, Australia, wants to make the Church more inclusive for people of “all genders”, “backgrounds”, and “sexual orientations,” (July 24) reported.

Mackinlay’s appointment was announced on July 23. "We need to be welcoming to everybody," Mackinlay is quoted.

According to him, the “values” of the Gospel “should never be in competition to, or at the price of, people experiencing that they are not welcome.”

[To be “welcoming” cannot be understood in a literal sense. In the modernist jargon "to be welcoming" means promoting homosexuals, ordaining women, abolishing celibacy and fighting Catholics.]

I've long thought we'd see Bergoglio shed the white cassock for a white suit and a fedora. Maybe have a midget at his side.
Welcome to hell is right....Lord please recycle francis and give us back St Pius X
Dear, you can´t recycle poison, best is to BURN it.
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The "welcoming" deception is what many people fail to understand.