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German Bishop, Danger Of Islamization Due To Lack Of Faith And Children

There is a danger that Europe will be islamized not through a war but through its asylum policies and the fertility of the newcomers, Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer of Regensburg, Germany, said in a homily in Altötting on July 8.

Voderholzer said that theologically Islam is essentially “the contradiction of Christianity”.

At the same time, Voderholzer pointed out that the West must primarily not fear an external enemy but its lack of Faith and a low birthrate.

Picture: Rudolf Voderholzer © Mesolithikum, CC BY-SA, #newsGectsdjisd
Dr Bobus
Not Europa. Eurabia.
This is no natural immigration. This is a well thought out policy to take out Catholicism and overthrow Europe and America. Yes, we sure do have a problem with faith and low birthrate. Let's not downplay the threat and reality of what is going on with this immigration invasion. Satan is at work here. I agree with the Bishop's words but we need more than words about really old news. Enough talk, … More