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Anti-Church Cardinal Marx Fights Against Crucifix

The Anti-Church Munich Cardinal Reinhard Marx, talking to the oligarch daily Süddeutsche again condemned the decision of prime-minister Markus Söder of Bavaria, Germany, to hang up crucifixes in all public buildings.

According to Marx, this decision has caused “division, unrest, conflict” – as if the cross had ever caused something else.

He insinuated that the cross was “only” used as a cultural symbol and that this way the cross was “dispossessed in the name of the State”.

The secretary general of the CSU, the majority party in Bavaria, stated that the critics of the decision are an “unholy alliance of enemies of religion and self-deniers”.

Picture: Reinhard Marx, © Maik Meid, CC BY-SA, #newsXtgjuvovzq
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When you try to defend the christian identity of your country by promoting the powerful symbol of the Cross of Christ, you will be ATTACKED by your bishops. Emblematic for the drama of faithful Catholics, trying to survive this pontificate.
De Profundis
Amid German bishops’ SPLIT (caused by Marx) on communion for Protestants married to Catholics, Vatican announces that German-Curia mixed commission to meet Thursday in Rome
Sunamis 46
Someone wrote before on a german comment Marx ist far related to Marx it seems to be true
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Sunamis 46
God is watching us
From a Distance
Cardinal Marx God is not sleeping
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" if the cross had ever caused something else." AMEN!
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Jim Dorchak
Fat, dumb, and drunk are no way to lead a church!
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Is it this Marx who brought "divison, unrest, conflict" to the German bishops' conference in the question of Protestant Communion: German Bishops: Pope Francis Is Fine With Protestant Communion
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Dr Bobus
Cardinal Marx looks as if he would only be interested in hanging up salamis and hams.
The Devil also hates the cross " Where the sign of the cross is erected, the wickedness of the devil is immediately repelled". –St. Maximus of Turin
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The most SAVAGE WAR with GOD and MARIA, Mother of JESUS CHRIST:
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