Religious Sister: Protecting Amazon Means Protecting Homosexuals

The Indians living in the Amazon are today “the most vulnerable,” Sister Jane Dwyer,79, told the U.S. Bishops’ Catholic News Service.

Dwyer’s statement is contained in a 2:25 minute video entitled “An Amazonian Face for the Church” that was published on (July 12).

An elderly Western woman with earrings and in a t-shirt, Dwyer belongs to Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur. She has been living in Brazil since 1972.

Dwyer explains that “the poor, the black, the farmers, the women, and the gays, homosexuals, are the populations that are most affected by our [Brazilian] government.”

Living in the Amazon means for Dwyer “that you have to defend those peoples who are our most vulnerable but who are so very important to who we are and what we are about.”

In other words: Dwyer wants to “defend” gay propagandists, a privileged group that is above the law and protected by an omnipotent, intolerant, and brutal lobby.

Picture: Jane Dwyer, #newsUyunbaetba
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