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The Tridentine mass directs one's spirit to God. Whether one follows the mass via the missal or meditates, it is conducive to receiving graces. People are respectful to those who desire to give thanks after communion. I have personally experienced people talking before mass begins, and immediately following the end of mass in Novus Ordo services. Many times I have witnessed small groups huddled in front of people silent in prayer with their backs to the tabernacle, talking away as if at a … [More]
Let All glory and honour belongs to the king of kings Michel!!! Amen,,,,,
Michel-René Landry
Exelent! Very nice!
Deer arunkostka, your video is speacking the truth. Keep going.

Deo gratias!
The Sacred Silence of The Traditional Catholic Mass [part 1] MASS OF THE CATECHUMENS