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Archbishop Brown, hopefully Your Grace will be able to generate more vocation in Ireland. As it stands, it is very low in numbers. The Church in Ireland is sick just as the Church in Western Europe. Our Brethren, the Russian Orthodox - yes, despite the Chrism, is doing much better than we here in the West. I pray that your mission will yield much fruit. So, we will see in a year or two what your work will bring.

In his homily at the Mass, the pope looked at the figure of the Three Kings, the wise men who set out from the East in search of Jesus, and drew comparisons between them and the mission to which the new bishops are called.
Like the Magi, he said, "the bishop, too, must be a man of restless heart, not satisfied with the ordinary things of this world, but inwardly driven by his heart's unrest to draw ever closer to God, to seek his face, to … [More]

Ordination of Archbishop Charles J. Brown
As he ordained new apostolic nuncios for Ireland, and Georgia and Armenia on the Jan. 6 feast of Epiphany, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the "wise men" who sought Christ, as models for bishops today. Read the full story here:…