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The Death of Saint Thomas More.

This is a short video of the English Martyr Saint Thomas More. Died at the hands of the Protestants for standing up for the Holy Catholic Church.
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Gloria.TV News on the 29th of September 2014

Poor Pope: Bishop Rogelio Livieres Plano of Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, who was removed last week from his office by Pope Francis, has published an open letter to the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops. Bishop Rogeglio stated that Pope Francis …
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Este sacerdote ayudo a un Capellán Militar de mi ciudad (Bahía Blanca - Argentina), que era perseguido por comunistas, ateos y guerrilleros acusándol… [More]
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Great Saints of Ireland

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I made this video years ago in honor of the Great Saints of Ireland. The song is from Michael Chard called "The Prelude". May Ireland become a true Catholic nation again through the intercession of these great saints. God bless.
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