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December 1 Theme: God prepares the Americas for Juan Diego's birth and the arrival of the Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe. Bible: Hebrews 1:1-4 Intention: We pray for the grace to experience more profoundly the unconditional love that God offers us … [더보기]
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NOVENA A SAN JUAN DIEGO ORACIÓN IX - Fiesta de San Juan Diego, 9 de diciembre Oh San Juan Diego, en las apariciones de Nuestra Señora de … [더보기]
NOVENA to SAINT JUAN DIEGO December 9- his Feast Day Memorial feast day of Saint Juan Diego Theme: As he was passing by Tepeyac hill, Juan… [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 24th of April 2015

Hated For Being Catholic: The true reason why Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-Saint Joseph was sacked on April 21 is obvious: He was a Catholic. Since assuming his diocese in 2005 he has been the subject of vitriol for running the diocese in … [더보기]
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The Catholic Church and the Catholic have always been hated and under persecution. During the first three centuries of the Church there were ten … [더보기]
un hijo de maria
Very nice!!!
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Gloria.TV News on the 13th of March 2015

No Confession No Mercy: Addressing the participants of a course organized by the Apostolic Penitentiary, Pope Francis said that confession shows God’s mercy in a particular way. Quote: “Only, what is kept away from divine mercy can not be forgiven, … [더보기]
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la verdad prevalece
Dear Gloria I try to post the graphic of the Holy Bible in many language and the system is not working the system wont allow me to do it … [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 4th of February 2015

Christ Himself: In an interview with the Wanderer Cardinal Raymond Burke has stated that the changes made in the final report of last year’s Synod of Bishops were an improvement, but – quote – “I do not think they were sufficient.” The Cardinal … [더보기]
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HOLY FATHER again ENCOURAGED Slovakia DURING the match TO DEFEND FAMILY Vatican February 4 - In the general audience today, the Pope sent a special … [더보기]
Svätý Otec opäť povzbudil Slovensko v zápase na obranu rodiny Vatikán 4. februára – Pri generálnej audiencii dnes Svätý Otec adresoval osobitné slová… [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 26th of January 2015

Unity Among Catholics: At yesterday’s Angelus, Pope Francis recalled the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Quote: “It is a bad thing that Christians are divided, Jesus wants us united, one body.” Gloria.tv believes that it is premature to bewail … [더보기]
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Lucia, that is not how you pronounce the word 'dove' in English. I have many Ukrainian and Polish friends who make the same mistake. Thank you for the news!
Leonard Wessell
Reported monologue reported by a "rich" person standing in line to buy expensive tickets for a meal with other prominent and famous and important … [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 14th of January 2014

Bishops Cancelled: During his visit in Sri Lanka Pope Francis cancelled the dinner and private meeting with his brother bishops because of the 30 kilometer drive in the Popemobile from the airport to the Apostolic Nunciature took one hour more. … [더보기]
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The chairman of the Russian State is right what he says about the obscene cartoons against Jesus Christ. But he may insult not the 'European culture'… [더보기]
Vatican council II, Pastoral Constitution "Gaudium et Spes", article 84: "It's almost unanimous opinion of believers a n d of non-believers, that … [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 18th of December

Tanti Auguri a Te: On Tuesday, his 77th birthday, Pope Francis celebrated Mass in his residence as he does every morning. Some special guests were present, among them were four homeless people that live in the Vatican neighborhood. The attendees … [더보기]
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C. Loven
A wealthy man goes to Rome... ...in one of his finest suits with the hope that when he visits the Vatican, he can be granted an audience with the … [더보기]
Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archdiocese of Washington, D.C.: In 2012 Remove Fr. Guarnizo from pastoral work for refusing communion to a Lesbian… [더보기]

Evil continues.... Apartheid in Switzerland!

The Roman Catholic Church is preaching and actively working for cultural and racial inclusivity in Her Sacred Liturgy by means of fostering community among ALL peoples on the earth. YET, we have on the one hand, the Americans with their consumerism … [더보기]
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【Documentary】BBC: How to Build a Cathedral ╬ The Showpieces of Medieval Christianity

※ Presented by: BBC Four (2008) ※ Directed by: Victoria Page ※ Hosted by: Jon Cannon § Synopsis § The great cathedrals were the wonders of the Medieval World - the tallest buildings since the pyramids and the showpieces of Medieval Christianity. … [더보기]
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I have been looking everywhere for a DVD or downloadable copy of this - can you tell me where to go in order to procure a copy for my home? Of all … [더보기]
Brilliant! Thanks.
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Gloria.TV News on the 8th of August

To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News Blessed Chesterton: Bishop Peter Doyle of Northampton, England is seeking a suitable cleric to begin an investigation into the potential for opening a cause for G.K. Chesterton. This announcement … [더보기]
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Hay Zeus
Thanks for the news!
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How Will Pope's Attire Change Now

by geobeats on Feb 28, 2013
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The red loafers are a tradition that dates back several centuries. In 2007, Benedict was named "accessorizer of the year" due to his vibrant footwear… [더보기]
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Gloria.TV News on the 13th of June 2013

To watch all the news click here: @Gloria.TV News Vatican The U.S. journalist Robert Moynihan, although he was attempting to be serious, published an absolutely hilarious interpretation of Pope Francis’ June 6th words to the officials of the Latin … [더보기]
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I enjoyed the June 13 news. The Pope's remarks were well explained. Thank you for that. I am new to Gloria.TV and hope to view it each day. Peace … [더보기]
Pia Piissima
Thank you UTOPIA for this interesting information. How can one explain, that those kind of things are allowed in the German Catholic Church? Does … [더보기]

Crux Fidelis inter omnes....

"Ipse vulneratus propter iniquitates nostras attritus propter scelera nostra est" (Is. 53:5) (He was wounded for our iniquities, he was bruised for our sins)
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Happy birthday Our Lady!

Introitus for the Solemnity of the Birthday of Our Lady on Sunday 08th Sept.
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Iervsalem convertere ad Dominvm Devm tvvm!!

Palestrina - Lamentations, Holy Saturday.
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marcus josephus
The Lord Descends Into Hell (from an ancient homily on Holy Saturday) Something strange is happening—there is a great silence on earth … [더보기]
The single Candle: The Saviour is now among the dead; He goes on His salvific mission unto the underworld, freeing ALL peoples past, present and … [더보기]

The Sacrifice of Love

No words necessary.....
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What refuge we take in the cross of Christ, in His wounds we find our salvation. Bless you for this stunning visual of His Great Sacrifice. Soundingjoy

John Cage

I rather think that the recent post of Johncage requires sensorship. I is one things to have a strong oppinion about the Holy Father, quite another to associate the Holy Father with the devil. Make God protect us all from the sedevacantists and here…
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St Mark Passion - JS Bach

The Passion of the Christ according to St Mark.
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marcus josephus
Not sure what the picture is saying but the music is beyond compare, Ahhh Bach! [더보기]

A history of the Mass....

A good and concise offering to clarify some errors promulgated by extreem traditionalists here on Gloria.TV
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