Feb. 6, Bl. Pius IX, Pope, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Pope Pius IX (Italian: Pio; 13 May 1792 – 7 February 1878), born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, was head of the Catholic Church from 16 June 1846 to his death on 7 February 1878. He was the longest-… More

Jan. 24, Bl. Paula Gambara-Costa, widow, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Almighty God destined this holy woman to be a special pattern for Christian wives and widows in bearing the trials and difficulties of their state. Paula was born in Brescia, in northern Italy, of a … More
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Nov. 29, Feast of All Saints of the Seraphic Order.

The Franciscan Order has always been the source of great sanctity. Its Menology includes six thousand martyrs, confessors, virgins or widows, all found within the Franciscan family. And how great … More
This Order played a notable role in ensuring a more general use of the Missale Romanum, through St Francis insisting on its use, as opposed to local … More
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Nov. 13, St. Didacus of Alcala, lay brother, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order.

Saint Didacus of Alcala was born about 1400 at San Nicolas in Andalusia, of poor and God-fearing parents. He entered the Third Order of St Francis when he had scarcely reached young manhood, and … More
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Sept. 27, St. Elzear of Sabran, Confessor of the third Order.

This noble scion of the illustrious Sabran family was born in Provence. As soon as he was born his mother offered him to God, imploring Him to withdraw him from this world after his baptism, rather … More

Sept. 26, Bl. Delphina of Glandeves , Virgin of the third Order.

Blessed Delphina was born in 1284 in Provence. She was given in marriage to Elzear, Count of Sabran, a virtuous young man. The night of their marriage, she told her husband that she had made a vow … More
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Sept. 20, St. Francis Mary of Camporosso, lay brother, Capuchin religious.

In the cemetery in Genoa a statue of Blessed Francis Mary of Camporosso may be seen which bears the following inscription: "Francis of Camporosso was born December 27, 1804, and died on September 17,… More

Sept. 11, Bl. Bonaventure of Barcelona, Confessor of the first Order.

Bonaventure, who was born in 1620 of poor parents in Barcelona, spent his youth working in the fields. He heard the call of God early in life. He was married against his will, but lost his virtuous … More

July 18, St. Camillus de Lellis, Priest, had been a tertiary before founding or joining another …

Camillus, of the noble family of the Lelli, was born at Bucchianico in the diocese of Chieti. As a young man he entered the army and gave himself up for a time to worldly vices. But he was seized … More
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Commemoration of the Canonization of Our Holy Father Francis.

Hardly two years had elapsed since the death of St. Francis when Gregory IX, well known as Cardinal Ugolino and the friend and protector of the saint, decided to enroll him solemnly among the saints … More
I know of no question that Voltaire asked which St. Thomas Aquinas did not ask before him. Only St. Thomas not only asked, but answered the question.

July 12, Sts. Geoffrey and Joachim, Priests, religious of the Franciscan 1st Order, martyrs.

John Wall, in religion Father Joachim of St Anna, was the fourth son of Anthony Wall of Chingle (Singleton) Hall, Lancashire. He was born in 1620, and when very young, was sent to the English … More
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June 13, St. Anthony of Padua, Confessor, Doctor of the third Order.

The glorious death of the first Franciscan martyrs was the occasion used by God to draw young Ferdinand de Bouillon to the Order. He took the name of Anthony. He left the Canons Regular of the Holy … More
A great example holiness to all contemporary Catholics!

May 30, St. Ferdinand III, King, Confessor of the third Order.

St. Ferdinand III, King of Castille (Spain), a disciple of Francis in the Third Order, was the nephew of Blanche of Castille, and first cousin to St. Louis. Born around the year 1200, he was brought … More
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April 24, St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen, Priest, Capuchin, martyr.

Born at Sigmaringen of prominent family in the principality of Hohenzollern, in the year 1577, St Fidelis of Sigmaringen received the name Mark in baptism. He was fortunately endowed both by nature … More
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March 26, Bl. Diego Joseph of Cadiz, Confessor of the first Order.

Blessed Diego who was born in Cadiz on March 29, 1743, heeded God’s call at an early age. But his vocation was tested for he was prevented from entering the Capuchins because of a pronounced stutter … More
Blessed Diego Joseph of Cadiz; Pray for us

March 14, St. Catherine of Genoa, Virgin, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Catarinetta (little Catherine) Fieschi, child of a noble family of Genoa, was born 1447. At thirteen she wanted to enter a convent, but was refused admission because of her youth. When she was … More

March 6, St. Colette of Corbie, Virgin of the second Order.

Colette Boilet was born in Corbie (France) in 1380. Her pious parents brought her up in the fear and love of God. She was raised up by divine Providence to reform the Order of St. Clare, which had … More

Feb. 27, Bl. Louise Albertoni, Virgin, Franciscan Third Order Secular.

Louise first saw the light of the world at Rome in the year 1474. Her parents belonged to the distinguished families of this city because of their wealth, but still more because of their piety. They … More

Feb. 23, Bl. Isabelle of France, Virgin of the Franciscan 2nd-Order; a "Poor Clare" sister.

Isabella was the sister of King Saint Loius IX of France. Her mother, the saintly Queen Blance, bore this child special affection because, after the death of her husband, Isabella was the only … More

Feb. 21, St. Margaret of Cortona, penitent, Franciscan Third Order Secular, d. 1297, Plenary Indulg…

St. Margaret, the “Mary Magdalen of the Seraphic Order”, will always be a comforting example of the infinite mercy of God, and the subject of legitimate hope for all sinners. Her life had been … More