Opening Prayer: O Most Holy Virgin, O my Mother, ask thy Son on my behalf for everything my soul and all mankind needs so that thy Reign be established on earth. My most earnest request is that thou … अझ धेरै
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NOVENA to OUR LADY of THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL Sixth Day The invocation on the medal During the second apparition, Our Blessed Mother … अझ धेरै
Fifth Day NOVENA to OUR LADY of THE MIRACULOUS MEDAL The Virgin of the globe The Holy Virgin holds a globe in her hands representing… अझ धेरै

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome

The Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome promotes integrated structures for teaching, research and healthcare, pursuing the well-being of the individual as the ultimate aim of its activities. It … अझ धेरै
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Eugenia-Sarto is Pope Benedict XVi a Cardinal today? "...Pope Benedict XVI on his final day as Pope"

The Jesus Film (Nepali)

The Jesus Film (Nepali) जिसस क्राइस्ट जिसस क्राइस्ट वा येशु वा ईशा मसीह (यूनानीमा Iesous; इब्रानी : येशुआ ७–२ BC to ३०–३३ AD) , ईसाई धर्मको प्रवर्तक मानिन्छन्। क्रिश्चियनहरू उनलाई परमपिता परमेश्वरको … अझ धेरै
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Ecumenism tries to change history

Last Friday the American Pro-Life activist and speaker gave a conference in Vienna about the Bible and Protestantism. De Souza asked the question, how Protestants could possibly establish the canon … अझ धेरै
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All catholics have to resist ,this idea that Luther did not divide the church he did , protestants that want to convert to catholicism are welcome ,but not the other way around

Disappearing 'Catholic Guilt' or disappearing Catholics?

Reposted from March 2013. This reflects the ecclesial situation before Pope Francis, but the observations about the nature of the 'Catholic populatio…
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Gracious gifts of the Most High God

Washington, D.C. October 3, 1863 By the President of the United States of America. A Proclamation. The year that is drawing towards its close, has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields …
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Today the United States celebrates Thanksgiving Day. The "official" recognition of a national holiday was established by Abraham Lincoln, his addres… अझ धेरै

San Francisco: Openly Gay Deacon Under Review

San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is [finally] looking into evidence demonstrating Deacon Brian Bromberger’s flagrant departure from Catholic teaching, writes California Catholic Daily (…
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This is the China the Vatican is dealing with....

CHINA-VATICAN The Communist Party blocks Chinese tours to Vatican

Tourist agencies are prohibited from advertising and planning trips and visits to the Vatican to St. Peter's Basilica. Fines of up to 300,000 yuan. …
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Active Shooter Training for US Clergy

The Gloucester Township Police Department, Massachusetts, is hosting a free active shooter training event for local clergy on December 4 according to CBS Philly. Its aim is to help clergy become “…
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Uncle Joe
Churches are considered "soft targets" by any criminal or ISIS terrorist type. Despite this, it's not likely that many clerics will go for the gun … अझ धेरै
I understand the very real concern after that (latest) nightmare, but this is just one more asinine distraction. They've been talking in our area on … अझ धेरै

The Smoke of Satan Could Be Perceived in some Statements of the Synod Fathers

Talking to the Seminary of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X in Zaitzkofen, Germany, in February 2017, Dr Anca-Maria Cernea, a Romanian auditor at the Synod on the Family in 2015 recounted her …
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For more information on this article, see here.
Scary! This recalls the manipulations of Vatican II.
A LifeSiteNews investigation has found that almost 30 percent of conference speakers hold views on contraception, abortion, and population control contrary to Catholic teaching. Not all conference … अझ धेरै

Photo directory of population controllers influencing the Vatican

Recent speakers at the Vatican want to save the planet from so-called man-made 'climate change.'
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De Profundis
"Population Control" is both a moral and a scientific disgrace.

Wikipedia Erases Record of Accomplished Scientist — 'Censored' for His Intelligent Design Position

"An effort to suppress the free flow of ideas and information."
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Of course it censored his contention in creationism. Wikepedia, I believe is owned by Google and so is Youtube. They censor content and modify their search engine.

Protestant Minister “Blesses” Abortion Mill, Calls Abortion a “God-Given Right”

Kentina Washington-Leapheart, a Protestant minister related to the Connecticut-based Religious Institute, has “blessed” a Fort Worth, Texas abortion mill. The Texas Observer writes (November 9) that…
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Church Fights (Only?) Politically Incorrect Sins

Archbishop Michele Pennisi of Monreale, Sicily, confirmed that Salvatore Riina, 87, a famous chief of the Sicilian Mafia who died on November 17 will not receive a public funeral because he was a “…
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De Profundis
Betrayal of the Catholic faith
Very recommended article by Edward Feser: "Given especially the teaching of the First Vatican Council that popes have no authority to introduce new doctrines – the only way to reconcile them is to … अझ धेरै

Yes, traditional Church teaching on capital punishment is definitive – Catholic World Report

(Image: Nils Huber/unsplash.com) Scripture, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and the popes for 2000 years have taught that capital punishment …
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Cardinal welcomes previously banned pro-LGBT group back to archdiocese

The Cardinal said the pro-LGBT group would help same-sex attracted Catholics in their 'journey to God.'
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Dr Stuart Reiss
Thank you uncle vince.....your loving nephew...screwtape