Dialogue 78

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #78
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Federal Gov’t Launches Criminal Probe Into Catholic Church in PA

by Church Militant • October 18, 2018 Dioceses served subpoenas following PA grand j...
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Daily Bible Reading 20 October 2018 of Catholic Mass

USCCB. The holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you should say" Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 12,8-12. Jesus said to his disciples: "I tell you, everyone who acknowled… Zvimwe
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Letter to the Ephesians 1,15-23. Brothers and sisters, hearing of your faith in the Lord Jesus and of your love for all the holy ones, do … Zvimwe

Blessed Jakob Kern - October 20

Bl. James Kern (October 20) Francis Alexander Kern was born in Vienna on April 16, 1897. Already as a small boy he manifested a strong desire to become a priest. At age eleven the intellectually … Zvimwe
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US bishops to consider new hymn translations for Liturgy of the Hours

The hymns will be in 'contemporary English' and 'represent a significant change' The US bishops are set to consider 139 English translations of Latin…
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Maudie N Mandeville
This will go over well with the same US Catholics who embraced all of the subsequent modernist changes stemming from Vatican ii which has led to the … Zvimwe
So....instead of saving souls in the USA which are perishing at an astonishing rate, Bishops are going to dabble in rewriting the texts of establishe… Zvimwe

Sardinian Priest Joins Lodge -- Cagliari Diocese Doesn't Care

A Catholic about current affairs in the Catholic Church in Europe and the world.
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Intro to Russian Faith

Bringing Christian issues into the secular media cycle
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alex j
If the full story of Russia's conversion is to be told it needs to start with the prophetic messages of Our Lady of Fatima. Chapters should include, … Zvimwe
Very interesting. Beautiful images.

Saint Paul of the Cross - October 20

October 20, 2018 Feast of St. Paul of the Cross Scripture: Ephesians 1:15-23 Luke 12:8-12 Reflection: Today is a very important day for all the Passionists throughout the world. It’s the feast day … Zvimwe
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The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil - São Paulo Brazil 2016

The Rolling Stones, Olé Tour 2016 @ Morumbi Stadium, São Paulo, Brazil, Feb. 27, 2016
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A love song to satan.
This doesn't fit in this Catholic site...

Remember your word, Francis.

God cannot be defeated. Francis can.
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V2 was the French or Masonic Revolution in the Church.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Is Francis referring to the French Revolution or the Second Vatican Council?

The office of Peter has nothing to do with revolution

On Sunday, October 14, Cardinal Raymond Burke gave a public address in the Church entitled: "Developing Lives of Peace after the Heart of Mary". Video by Latin Mass Melbourne.
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alex j
One of my Grandson's was confirmed by Cardinal Burke during the Mass which also was offered by the Cardinal. Unfortunately my wife and I could not … Zvimwe
I do believe in Christianity, and my impression is that a system must be divine which has survived so much insane mismanagement.

Who is Pope Francis?

Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is Archbishop Emeritus of Washington, DC, and currently counselor to the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Born in New York City in 1930, Cardinal McCarrick … Zvimwe
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Joseph a' Christian
@alex j - Thank you brother, please mention me in your prayers. Let’s keep up the fight against these destructive frauds! Christ our Life, bless you … Zvimwe
alex j
@Joseph a' Christian. Love your comment!

Beautiful story and what a mother

And this family knew poverty. Travon in this video was “Conceived in Rape”
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Feminism is a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.

The Canonization Crisis – Part II

See Part I HERE Can a Canonization Be Based on Dubiously-Miraculous “Miracles”? Tomorrow, October 14, Pope Bergoglio, having already authorized Holy Communion for public adulterers and declared the …
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In a major way Bergie is even worse than Paula Carlini.
Lisi Sterndorfer
In better times, one could accept canonizations...

Pope Francis received Cardinal Ouellet - this morning

After the 3rd statement by Archbishop Vigano (October 19) - a direct response to the letter by Cardinal Ouellet - Pope Francis received Cardinal Ouellet in audience (October 20).
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Well what do you know, Bergolio meets brown tongue for another balls up! and more cover up lies! That Bergolio is so cunning, what a snake.
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Joseph a' Christian
The Masonic Temple (off topik) The Disunited States Favored Religion: Paganism. Separation of Church and State? “The Apotheosis Of Washington” The … Zvimwe
Pope against Pope.

Youth Synod: One Bishop Fell Out of Bed, Another Even Dared to Say the Truth

The shape of most bishops participating at the Youth Synod is "not ascetic but chubby", German Jesuit Father Clemens Blattert wrote in a humorous article on (October 17). One bishop …
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I believe what really happens in history is this: the old man is always wrong; and the young people are always wrong about what is wrong with him. … Zvimwe

Synod Deliberately Ambiguous On Homosexuality - Archbishop Chaput

The Instrumentum laboris (working paper) of the ongoing Youth Synod is a "collection of dense social science data with very little evangelical zeal" - "It can’t and won’t convert anybody", …
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If we are uneducated, we shall not know how very old are all new ideas.
Walking and being comfortable will not save your soul.