Please pray for Rev. Fr. Martin Edwards, London

Please pray for Rev. Fr. Martin Edwards, parish priest of St Mary Magdalen Church, in Wandsworth, South London, in the Diocese of Southwark. Father Martin has had a heart attack, and is currently recovering.

In his buissness as usual style, he very nearly ignored the tell tale signs of a heart attack, to carry on with his work. Thankfully, his guardian angel may have prompted him to seek medical attention. Otherwise, there would be one less faithful priest, offering the Mass of the Ages, in this sinful city of London.

Father Martin has been parish priest at St Mary Mary Magdalen church in Wandsworth for nearly two decades now. It is unusual for a priest to be kept in the same parish for such a long time. Perhaps its because St Mary Magdalen church is at a less salubrious part of Wandsworth, if such parts exist at all, and it’s next to a fast moving highway, with no grand entrance or even it’s own pavement to boast of.

But, inside, the characteristic signs of a ‘proper’ pre-councilar, Catholic Church can be found. The greatest of which is the Ad Orientem Altar, and a distinct lack of felt banners advertising God’s mercy or inclusivity.

Father Martin has dug his heels all this time, to resist pressure to have Cranmer Tables in the Sanctuary, and embark in the recovation and Mass destruction, found in all other Catholic churches within a ten square mile radius.

But then, he’s made of strong stuff, as he demonstrated by having ‘just one Sunday off’ to recover after his heart attack and coronary artery stenting.

You can’t keep a good man down, and that’s why he needs our prayers for a complete recovery.

Ad multos annos Father Martin.
Dr Bobus
This happened a few weeks ago--balloon and stent. If memory serves, his father had heart problems
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