Müller Strikes Again: Amazon Synod Will Turn Church Upside Down

The Synodal Process of the German bishops is about changing the priesthood into a system of well-paid, preferably female functionaries.

This is Cardinal Gerhard Müller's assessment in another ten page statement (July 26) published on

Müller wonders why the “desolate” German Church feels called to be a model for the rest of the Church, pointing out that the protagonists of both, the German Synodal Process and the Amazon synod are “nearly identical."

They are a “wrecking ball“ and “financially and organizationally connected“ by way of the rich relief agencies of the German Bishops, Müller explains.

After the synod “nothing will be as it was before” and the Church will be unrecognizable, he predicts.

Müller points out that both, the Synodal Process and the Amazon Synod are not based on Bible and Tradition but draw their inspiration from the "putative sociological necessities" of a "globalized world" or "from the Amazonian tribes.”

Müller also makes clear that an "ordination" of women, wanted by the same people, is invalid. He explains that the sacramental diaconate has never been administered to women.

No pope could change this as the Council of Trent decreed that the Pope and the bishops have no authority over the substance of the Sacraments.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsRlqvsjbdco
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