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Padre Pio on Abortion: Earth Will Be "Burnt As a Desert"

Father Pellegrino Funicelli, who assisted Padre Pio for many years, once asked him: “Today you denied absolution to a woman because she had voluntarily undergone an abortion. Why have you been so rigorous with this poor unfortunate?”

Padre Pio responded: “The day that people lose their horror for abortion will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only a homicide but also a suicide. Shouldn’t we have the courage to manifest our faith before those who commit two crimes within one act?"

“Suicide?” asked Father Pellegrino.

“The suicide of the human race will be understood by those who will see the earth populated by the elderly and depopulated of children: burnt as a desert,” Padre Pio replied.

Picture: Padre Pio, #newsMtgqvndqkb
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'Populated by the elderly'.............umm, maybe not Dear Padre Pio, they want to kill us as well.
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