French Bishops’ President: Married Priests "Not" A Solution

Abolishing celibacy is “not a solution to compensate for the lack of vocations,” Reims Archbishop Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, the new president of the French Bishops’ Conference, told (June 27).

Unlike the rich, State-financed German dioceses, the poor French Church doesn't have the money to pay for a married clergy.

For de Moulins-Beaufort it would be “absurd to deny” that the Church is in crisis which is also visible in the decline in vocations. Nevertheless, a married clergy is "not the right way to think."

On the other hand, Moulins-Beaufort questions the "ability of Western man" to live a life of celibacy because he believes that “our relationship with the body, with sexuality, has changed enormously over the past century.”

Picture: Éric de Moulins-Beaufort, © Julien Spiewak , CC BY-SA, #newsXngalbwrdl
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The Greek schematics have married priests, yet vocations there are insufficient.
Tony M
The answer to the lack of vocations is to teach Catholic children the Catholic faith (no watering down or liberal heresy) and give an example of the practice of the faith that inspires them to desire to live a life of holiness. The future is with our children.
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