In October of 2004, President Bush signed into law the Global Anti-Semitism Review Act, another dangerous, totalitarian measure, the main thrust of which was the creation of a special office within the State Department assigned with the task of monitoring anti-Semitism throughout the world.
Appointed to head the office is a man by the name of Gregg Rickman, another neocon Washington Insider. A former Senate staff director and chairman of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Rickman had also played a major role in shaking down $2 billion from certain Swiss banks in the late 1990s. A committed Zionist, as all neocons and their liberal counterparts are, working tirelessly against America’s best interests in order to serve the cause of International Jewry, as neocons and their Zionist masters always do, Rickman’s State Department office of global anti-Semitism issued two reports which establish the criteria for what constitutes an act of anti-Semitism according to federal guidelines. The list is quite disturbing inasmuch as it is blatantly subversive and tyrannical, not to mention, more specifically, that it targets traditional Catholicism and therefore constitutes a particularly deadly form of religious persecution to come.

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