Study shows why young Catholics leave the church

There are the growing numbers of young Catholics leaving the church — the focus of a new national study to examine why they're departing and where …
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Why young Catholics leave the church? They are indoctrinated by cultural marxists in school and through the media to abandon God. Parents are luke-warm and Vatican 2.
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Uncle Joe
fond memories of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo

You brought up the Democrat Shill/ Never Trumper Guarnizo (for the second time on GTV). Guarnizo would have no problem voting for the 'abortion party or its champion Hitlery Clinton. Therefore, your comment could not stand unchallenged particularly in light of his bizarre writings before the election and his failure to apologize or modify his statement … More
@Uncle Joe in your insistence on bringing in politics, I guess I will respond it is crucial not to throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Children and young Catholics are not to blame. Who has not experienced in school these uncharitable atheist spirit of pseudo-Christian state burocratic ideologues?!
Uncle Joe
If you are a "one issue" voter there's this:

Protecting life
In his first week, Trump reinstated and expanded the Mexico City Policy that blocks some $9 billion in foreign aid being used for abortions.
Worked with Congress on a bill overturning an Obama regulation that blocked states from defunding abortion providers.
Published guidance to block Obamacare money from supporting abortion.

and More
Uncle Joe
This is bringing back fond memories of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo

Based on your own experiences, your memories of this man are fond. My memories of him are not.
A Catholic's Response to Father Marcel Guarnizo
#1 reason: They no longer believe in God... This is bringing back fond memories of Fr. Marcel Guarnizo causing quite a fuss in our parish because he tossed out the canned program to directly address unbelief in the young people. He won over those sincerely searching.

Look at this photo and the relaxed, snarky posture of this kid, with the glum to his left and right. What a perfect image (althoug… More
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Did we even need a survey? I taught catechism to 6th graders. I thought everyone watched the Ten Commandments, the movie. Nothing is being passed down in the families. Believe me, the curriculim was full of silly games. I could not find any foundation with these 12 year old kids. There was nothing to build on. I was so sad. They never heard of Fatima, and Ash Wednesday was not a thought, because … More
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Don't worry! The next synod will sort it all out.............
No education in the Catholic dogma, (for adults too from the pulpit) wishy-washy fairy-like priests who are often appalling role models for the young males and this is what you get. Can't blame them really..............
"It's time we started listening to their stories" !! It's time teachers and parents taught the stories of Jesus, his life, death and resurrection which provides salvation. Teenagers need systematic apologetics commensurate with the academic requirements of other rigorous disciples. "Catholicism does not cease to be true because beautiful women (or men) are irresistible" pace Arnold Lunn.
Youth lose the faith, what little they may have because they cease to pray. If anyone stops praying, they will lose the faith. I feel sorry for the young because they are growing up in such a corrupt culture and if they go to church, they have to attend the Novus Ordo, which is a faith killer. Poor lost souls. God have mercy on them.
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After doing the study ,what is the conclusion of the study , are they planning to change the Dogma of the Faith ? cardinals and bishops in Vatican are alreaday trying to do that ,>i think these kids and grown ups have ,is lack of Spirituallity .That connection ,the Faith that no matter what ever the shortcomings of your father mother , grandfather or friends are ,wont disturb your faith ,because … More
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Uncle Joe
The survey found that the biggest reason young Catholics bailed was that they no longer believed in God.

So, what concrete measures do the geniuses propose which can resolve or at least reduce the flow of members leaving the church?

Essentially, these types of studies are examining the corpse of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church along with all Christian Churches have experienced a … More
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Jim Dorchak
Ok so the short of it is:
1. They are poorly Catechized
2. There are too many Gays in the Church and they do not want that life (who wants to grow up to be a wimp?)
3. They are poorly Catechized
4. The people teaching them; They are poorly Catechized or they ignore Church Teaching and Tradition.
5. No one wants to be a priest because they are mostly Gay and Sick
6. They are poorly Catechized
7. … More
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