The Mogg asks Justine Greening to keep her simple promise on free schools & alleviate the severe shortage of Catholic school places:

Jacob Rees-Mogg: Why won’t the Education Department honour our manifesto pledge on Catholic school…

There is no wriggle room in the commitment. Yet the department has decided to have an enquiry to decide whether to do what was promised or not.
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Joseph a' Christian
This is why we are NOT to be one with the world, as our Lord Jesus teaches us.
The unfaithful, ambiguous, deceitful false teachings, that numerous lost priests and theologians bark out, from the false religion that is Vatican ll, has been an unceasing promotion of unity with the world, and more than 50 years of destruction to the faithful that comes with being fooled to disobey our Lord Jesus … More
Our Lady of Sorrows
Gender-Neutral uniforms at this "Catholic" Primary School
Our Lady of Sorrows
Catholic schools under complicit Teachers and Clergy have compromised the faith, with their Sex Education Programme, introduction of Transgenderism and Non-Catechism of children…/catholics-must-……

Home school your children if you can…/3274-saving-the…
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