Irish gov’t minister warns Church to ‘celebrate’ homosexuality at World Meeting of Families

The World Meeting of Families must not be 'allowed to undermine' the rights of 'LGBTI families.'
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She’s ‘warned’ the Country’s Catholic Church... they prefer you refer to them as ‘gay’... don’t fall for that. Refer to them as the Bible does.. ‘homosexuals & sodomites’. And pray for them.
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Br Tom, I fear you are deluded if you believe that Donegal has any sort of percentage worth talking about of practising Catholics. But here is a test most Catholics that tried to keep the faith, are and were subject to waffle and in a lot of cases out and out heresy, from priests, on a weekly basis for years that destroyed the faith.
can you give me a name of a priest in Donegal and his parish, … More
Resist ,reject false doctrines that oppose Jesus Gospel
What do the Irish bishops say about this? Hello? Nothing. Why am I not surprised?
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rafferju Thanks for pointing this out. But whether the people here practice the Faith depends on where you are. I've lived and worked in various parts of Ireland and the picture painted by the media is not the one on the ground. It very much varies from place to place (Cork is better than Dublin and Donegal is better than Cork). The Medjugorje people are just more obvious than all the others.
She's is not Irish, she is an American lesbo that lives in Ireland and we to our shame elected her. To be honest I know few catholics who practise their faith in Ireland and of those that vast majority believe in the Medjugore rubbish where "BVM" told the seers that all faiths are the same to God.
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