Georgetown University To Offer ‘Jesuit-Approved’ LGBTQ-Only Housing

The once-eminent Jesuit university has approved a queer-only campus residence. Georgetown officials crow this ‘is in keeping with our Catholic …
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Another sad story , the people that God intrust the church are the ones ofending him
The Jews of old rejected Christ and so do the Jesuits. They both shout," We will not have that man as our king! As punishment, God will oblige them of their wish.
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At this point, the evidence is enormous, that we faithful Catholics are witnessing the falling away of the numerous.(epistle of St. Paul)
Notre Dame University also provides for mentally ill perverts. The false priests who oversee NDU, also have hired anti-Christian jew rabbis to teach the Catholic students.
Unity of the faithful remnant is extremely beneficial.
Christ is our King.