Archbishop mocks Chinese Cardinal Zen: He should ‘smile once in a while’

Archbishop Coleridge has also said Africa's Cardinal Sarah should be talking less.
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Another spineless Archbishop.
Cardinal Sarah speaks the true God bless him.
Sunamis 46
O sole mio

He speaks like a neo-
He Will never have a clue-
Walked never in cardinals zen shoe

He could speak wise
But he has no clue cause he walked never in cardinal zen shoe-

My commend is against the archbishop because the cardinal zen is living in a communist countfy and the srchbishop had never to survive and to struggle for his life and faith
paul grech
Coleridge had better look at the syphillis epidemic in his banana State and its causes than try to denigrate real holy bishops of the church!
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I think the archbishop should do some time in a communist prison camp. It would do him wonders.
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Are you serious? Why should he smile at the destruction by the Communists and their crimes against humanity!?…/aaa87e5c540d1ac…
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