Mgr Loftus: pro-lifers are 'terrorists'

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas I've waited to see if there if would be any reaction in the Letters page to Mgr Basil Loftus' latest outrage: …
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Our Lady of Sorrows
What an evil man, babies are slaughtered everyday in their mother's womb by butchers, who call themselves "Doctors." God will not be mocked, we reap what we sow. Mgr Loftus is nothing more than a parasite, feasting and maintained by Catholics while at the same time casting hatred on Catholic teachings. See open letter about this Mgr Loftus: pro-lifers are 'terrorists'
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“Sadly, too, it seems that those who insist on wearing birettas are often selfsame individuals who want to carry Berettas.”

Nothing like building bridges
Mgr Loftus thats a ridiculous thing to say ,you should be ashamed of yourself .Pro lifers are true followers of God ,Are You ??????
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