Amazing: While denying that the McCarrick scandal represented a "massive crisis," Wuerl was secretly preparing a website to defend himself against the soon to be released Pittsburg grand jury report.

The Wuerl Record

On August 14th, 2018, the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania released a report regarding sexual abuse allegations against Catholic …
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Site just taken down due to criticism. Here it is:…/news-updates
Not one Bishop has admitted a thing. Not one Bishop has resigned. Not one bishop has called out another bishop.
Wuerl the girl was helping a homo V2 priest, like his boss Frank did as Abp Bergoglio, or when as Pope he restored faculties (reversing Benedict's ruling) to a convicted child molester Don Inzoli.
Cardinal Wuerl did essentially the same things the late Cardinal Law did. And Law resigned in disgrace.
And then comes the Grand Jury Public Schools Report?
So think about this for a moment as it all begins to sink in - Wuerl paid hush money to homo priest who was making child porn.