A woman describes her journey back from sedevacantism, returning home to the Catholic Church.

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I’ve been “home” for a couple of years now. “Home?” One might ask? Were you gone? Well, yes, I was gone. I was gone from the Church. I left what …
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Kevin. I agree with your assessment that the author seems to shift among extremes. In my diocese traditional parishes aren’t permitted but we do have two TLM Sunday Masses. But I am fortunate in that my Novus Ordo parish where I go during the week has wonderful, faithful priests and many holy faithful people. Some are enduring hardships and sufferings which are unbearable yet they continue with … More
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Yes, I would agree. I can't understand this 'all or nothing' approach. I would also disagree with the writer about the lack of charity found among traditional Catholics - I've found the exact opposite to be the case. (I can't speak for sedevacantists - I've never been one and I've never known one). I haven't been to my local Novus Ordo parish for many years. Thinking … More
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And she never thought about being united to Rome in a Latin Mass parish (the Fraternity or the Institute). The choice is NOT between sedevacantism/Latin Mass vs Rome/Novus Ordo. You can be united to Rome and have the Latin Mass. it seems like she’s still confused.
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She abandoned the sedevacantist position, which is good but she embraced the Novus Ordo, which is horrible. I will never understand how anyone could ever prefer the abomination called the Novus Ordo over the traditional mass, which has God Almighty as its author.
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