Ireland will be responsible for its next child abuse scandal

We all are to work to stop abortion, the ultimate child abuse, the capital punishment for the most innocent and yet the most vulnerable.
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Former Liberal Democrat leader: I regret saying gay sex isn’t a sin |

Do You know when a liberal becomes a conservative? When he has a growing teenage daughter! It is easy as that!!!
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Cardinal Marx Calls for a “Reunification” with Protestants

It is a real irony because Luther viewed the Church as the “whore of Babylon” and the Pope as the Antichrist.

English bishop: you cannot be Catholic and support abortion |

Obviously. Anyway, you cannot be humanist and support abortion.
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Francis: Wrong Can Suddenly Become True

So Pope Francis believes that there are some "per se" evil acts, intrinsically evil acts, "intrinsece malum" as Veritatis Splendor encyclical put it. Apart of the matter in question, this might a response to one of the Dubia Questions regarding circumstances or intentions that can never transform an act intrinsically evil by virtue of its object into an act ‘subjectively’ good or defensible as a … More


For those who eat and drink without discerning the Body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves.
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Extreme Persecution Of The Holy Roman Church Seat

I guess Pope Benedict is doing penitential service in atonement of fasching (mardi gras) sins at this time.

Archbishop Cupich: Kasper's proposal 'very rich theologically'

"I have the impression that many supporters of this modernity, are in fact thinking about changing doctrine, yet calling it a change in Church discipline. It is a disturbing point in these discussions, for it is strongly emphasized: "we accept the entire doctrine", but there immediately follows a suggestion that doctrine has nothing to do with it. This is greatly worrying me, for one and the … More

He will die today: A letter from Ray Jasper

It does not have any value what he says until he comes to the point: "We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve."

Video canción Ave María, Amira Willighagen

It is trully her and she does such a great job: (Nessun Dorma)

The Gift of the Magi--uploaded by irapuato

A poor couple wanted to enrich each other for Christmas. She wanted to bring him joy by buying him a new bracelet for his ancient watch, since she did not have money she did it at the expense of cutting her long hair. He in turn sold that precious watch from his grandfather and bought her some combs for her beautiful hair. On Christmas Day their mutual gifts were useless. But their love saved … More

Faith Matters - Fr. Joselito Jopson - Eucharist

The best way to keep Christ in Christmas is to keep Mass in Christmas!

Is there sex in heaven? (Homily September 2)

Fr. John Hardon made a great point in this regard.

The Little Old Lady

The old lady was smart.
Nevertheless, the atheist did a good deed to feed the hungry woman.
He might convert in future and he won't exmperience hell just purgatory from where there is only one way and thus he will join the poor woman in heaven.

How I became a Catholic convert

So beautiful and not very common to find a nice heart in a nice woman.
Thank you for sharing.

Ravenna: hieratic pomp of the Catholic Church

Beutiful chant of Oriental Rite in honor of our Lady.

First-Place Winner of Loyola Press's Finding God Video Contest

If the children don't find God in the Eucharist, they won't know true God.

Catechists in Action: Meet Chris, an Eighth-Grade Catechist

So glad they teach the term of TRANSUBSTANTIATION (unfortunatelly misspoken in the video)!
The Catholic Church believes in transubstantiation: the substance of bread and wine change while the accidents usually remain (weight, shape, taste, color, smell etc.), unlike the heretical view of consubstantiation (a parallel presence of both of bread and Body, wine and Blood) or pure transfinalization (… More

Destroy all churches

Let us not forget that we support oversea mosques with our taxes: