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FR KENNEDY - Explaining the true devotion to Mary according to Saint Louis de Montfort

Mbandaify on Mar 30, 2014 This book is also available online It complements de Montfort's other books such as the Secret of the Rosary and the Secret of Mary.
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Tradcatknight: LATEST ENDTIME VIDEOS (April 23, 2017) Here are the latest endtime videos circulating online. Are you praying the rosary and wearing the scapular? Only an eagles wings of Faith and Hope will survive the days ahead. tradcatknight.blogs…
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7 pages
Ai daquele homem que transpassar o Coração da Minha Mãe com o seu desprezo, com a sua desobediência a Ela, melhor seria que ele não tivesse nascido. Aqueles que fazem sofrer a Minha Mãe e que desprezam as Mensagens da Minha Mãe já estão condenados. … [More]
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Invitation to Operation Storm Heaven

Spread the word! To join Operation Storm Heaven, click the Gloria.TV banner when it appears on the side of your screen or follow the link given in the video. Cardinal Burke's goal is to have One Million rosaries promised by the 100th Anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th, 2017.
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PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidia… [More]
@GloriaTV-Washington, D.C., thanks for the clarification, it looked like it will be stopped in May :-)
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God's Excessive Love

"It was not sufficient for Him to have abased Himself to the level of the Incarnation; He wished to abase Himself even to the level of the Eucharist... Such is the excess of God's love for us, but this love demands a response." – Fr Reginald … [More]
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"This love demands a response" - AMEN!
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Jesus Christ: the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Jesus Christ is the 'Humble way' that passes through trials and tribulations of life- and endures it triumphantly- to Eternal Glory. HE is the 'invincible Truth' which sets us free from every kind of bondage to sin and slavery to evil life. HE is …
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Anti-reform cardinals want Pope to resign… A group of cardinals who supported the election of Pope Francis are worried about his reforms and are planning to appeal to him to step down, a Vatican watcher claims, according to The Times. "A large part of …
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COMO FAZER A SETENA DE NOSSA SENHORA RAINHA E MENSAGEIRA DA PAZ A Setena é uma oração pedida pela própria Nossa Senhora nas Aparições de Jacareí. Ela começa no dia 1 de cada mês e vai até o dia 7, que é o dia do aniversário mensal das Aparições de …
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Abortions banned for one day in the Yaroslavl Region to commemorate the Bethlehem babies

The day without abortions is held on Wednesday in the Yaroslavl Region, Russia.
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The Sound of Neo-Catholics: On Gathering Rites and Hippies

From Underground, Michael Matt recounts his experience at a recent Novus Ordo 'Gathering Rite'. Plus, what is neo-Catholicism? What is the New Mass? Why are Jimmy Fallon, Bill Murray, Sting and Bianca Jagger readily admitting that which the Neo-… [More]
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Lionel L. Andrades
Michael Matt is not affirming Vatican Council II (Feeneyite) and extra ecclesiam nulla salus (Feeneyite).This is a rational, traditional and non … [More]
The Catholic Church can never be in revolution, but it can be depopulated rapidly.
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Divine Mercy Congress : Communion for divorced and remarried

213 pages
Divine Mercy Congress A priest speaks about communion for persons in the state of mortal sin. (divorced and remarried, common-law, homosexuality, pedophilia...) During the Divine Mercy Congress in Asia (28 dioceses attending) a priest reminded us … [More]
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Do you have any special or new intentions for the 1st of April? As part of Operation Storm Heaven, your intentions are added each month to the Holy … [More]
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Kellyanne Conway: A True Feminist

A smart pro-lifer: Thank God! Mentioning Jill Stanek - Fantastic! Go Kelleyanne!
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Victim Adorers of the Holy Face of Jesus, E.Carm

Traditional Carmelite community of Nuns in Ireland. The nuns follow the ancient observance according to the Holy Rule of Saint Albert. video spelling error= please read "SANDALS" timeline 05:03
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Traditional Carmelite Hermits in Ireland.. There are presently two in Community. They have their own web page:
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TESTEMUNHO DE ALBERTO CARVALHO SOBRE A RÁDIO MENSAGEIRA DA PAZ…/testemunho-de-c… TESTEMUNHO DE ALBERTO CARVALHO SOBRE A RÁDIO MENSAGEIRA DA PAZ bom dia. louvo a Deus por me fazer conhecer esta radio maravilhosa e as apariçoes de Jacarei que mudou e redimensionou totalmente toda a …