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Are We Faced With A Lying Pope?

bergoglio a liar? i'm shocked there's gambling going on here! likes this. 
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Pope Francis’ Successor Will Have to Clean Up “a Huge Mess”

Why would he want an agreement w Francis? The man can't be trusted, he destroyed the traditional Franciscan friars and nuns of the Immaculata.
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Cardinal Brandmüller: Defenders of Second Liaison Are "Excommunicated"

Sorry Br Tom Ford, but we're not going to end up like Luther by questioning this pope. It is Bergoglio, not us, that is trying to change Church teaching by using that old Modernist trick of being "pastoral". We actually have an obligation as the Church Militant to question and resist this blatant heretic. We cannot rely on our bishops to do squat, pathetic lot almost all of them.
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