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Fr. Barron on "The Theory of Everything"

@Linds.... The question was not directed to you, mind your own business.
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Fr. Barron on "The Theory of Everything"

Fr. Barron, do you offer the traditional Latin Mass?
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Father Michael Rodriguez put on sabbatical

Persecution will only continue. Defend the priests & religious who defend the faith!!! Or don't call yourself 'Catholic'!
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Episode 21: Dolan Gets Exalted, Burke Gets Malted

Thanks Matt for keeping us informed with what's going on. God help us!
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Gloria.TV News on the 4th of August 2014

THE PRIEST'S ATTIRE My son, let thy modesty be known to all men; walk as you have the model prescribed by the Church. If thou dost not conform to the law of the Church, thou shalt be as the heathen and the publican; see therefore that thou despise not the law of thy Mother; she has decreed what shall be the color and the style of thy clothes; OBSERVE HER RULES. She has prescribed simplicity and becomingness in priestly attire; COMPLY with Her rules. How many there are among my priests who ARE … [More]
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Judge Jeanine: Time for Pope Francis to protect his flock

She's right! The Pope is the moral leader of Christianity.. He needs to yell it from the roof top to STOP THE PERSECUTION! Let's Hear it, pope Francis!!!
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Bishop Paprocki: Return the Tabernacle to the Center of the Sanctuary

maybe Paprocki can tell NY Card. Dolan to leave the Latin Mass alone !
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Sodomite Elton John is a fan of Francis!

those poor children..what a dysfunctional govt that allows such a heinous act as allowing innocent children to be brought up by sodomites! They will suffer for their actions!
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The Demonstration in Rome: Burke, the only Pastor among his Sheep

Was hoping he would be our next Pope after Benedict XVI left.
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Gloria.TV News on the 23rd of December

MERRY CHRISTmas to all at Gloria TV.. To all those who contribute in making Gloria TV what it is. Peace, Joy and Love to ALL! .... ... Throught the bowels of the mercy of our God, in which the Orient from on high hath visited us: To enlighten them that sit in darkness, and in the shadow of death: to direct our feet into the way of peace. Luke 2: 79,80
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Gloria.TV News on the 8th of November

Governments can approve sodomite so-called 'marriage', but just like legalized abortion killing, it is against God's matter who thinks they can place themselves above God.
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Questions Raised Over Communion Wine Hygiene

Why settle for a stone than a Diamond? The Latin Mass is the 'Diamond'...beautiful, filled with light, Precious and Valuable!
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Pope Francis, The Catholic Church, and Homosexuality

Thank you Father, we can always depend on you to defend the all costs! God bless you!
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On Air Duel

Where are the priests and bishops defending the church's moral teaching as Fr. Nicholson is here? Well done Father.
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Cardinal Cipriani: "Müller is a Bit Naive"

We don't know the truth..we don't know half of the going-ons within Rome and the dishonest deceivers who are doing their work.
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"The church embraces a more democratic spirit under pope Francis"....Three cheers from the left!
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The End-Times Revelation Of The Woman Wisdom

"Third, what is your real name?"

My friends know who I am and you're not my friend.

"Why do you hide your identity?"

I'm under the witness protection plan

"Are you ashamed of you ashamed of your rude behavior?"

I am not ashamed of what I've written.

Are you ashamed of being a hypocrite by pretending to be a bible thumping Christian yet you violate the very clear teaching of Sacred Scripture in your apparel which is cut well above your knee and your 'out of the bottle' ghetto-trashy hair … [More]
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Exulting Summorum Pontificum on the Exaltation of the Holy Cross

Thank you Father. Very nice fiddleback chasuble. And lovely is the 'Ave Maria' played on your video.
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The Talmud Unmasked By Rev. I. B. Pranaitis

From the Talmud:

Sanhedrin, 67a -- Jesus referred to as a son of Pandira, a soldier

Kallah, 1b (18b) -- Illegitimite and conceived during menstruation

Sanhedrin, 43a -- On the eve of Passover they hanged Jesus

Schabbath, 104b -- Called as fool and no one pays attention to fools.

Sanhedrin, 103a --Suggested corrupts his morals and dishonors self.

Zohar III, 282 -- Died like a beast and buried in animal's dirt heap

Orach Chaiim, 113 -- Avoid appearance of paying respect to Jesus

Hilkhoth …
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Pope Announces Day of Fasting for Peace for Syria

September 1:

Leo XII declares October, the Month of the Rosary 1883
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‘I Want Them to Rot in Hell’

We should offer a prayer for the victim and his family..this is just horrendous!
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Gloria.TV News on the 22nd of August 2013

"You speak an excellent Italian, were you born in Naples?" .............. Are you kidding?
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Birthday Boy and Dad (August 20, 2013)



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God and Hell (August 19, 2013)

August 20 ... Happy Birthday Michael!! Thanks for all you do! ..God Bless!
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Gloria.TV News on the 20th of August 2013

Thank you Luchinka... Hopefully, we will see bishops and priests speaking out on the Christian persecutions going on in the world. Maybe even the pope??
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USA: Geography of religion in Congress

Interesting... majority are "Catholic", yet most vote pro-choice. Least are Jews..and they run the country.
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Bulldog Jumping on Trampoline

He says.."these people can have fun on here, so can I."
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The true Catholic Church

Thank you Michel- René for this!
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Tridentine Mass and Catholic Tradition

Thank you Michele-Renè for this post! You are a warrior for the tradition of Holy Mother Church.
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Pope Francis Rejects Communion in the Hand

Until the Pope uses his authority and PUBLICLY announces NO COMMUNION IN THE HAND, how can it be expected in the churches.
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Christian Tragedy in the Muslim World

It's just awful that the world does nothing for these persecuted and martyred Christians!
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Gloria.TV News on the 12th of August 2013

Frs. Geiger and Fehlner ... what a pity.

Thanks for the news, Doina.