Cardinal Raymond Burke on the Abuse Crisis with Raymond Arroyo

CARDINAL RAYMOND LEO BURKE, former prefect of the Apostolic Signatura joins us to talk about the sex abuse scandals engulfing the Church in the United States and what the response should be by the … More
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Francis Turns Vatican Into Latin American Gay Junta

Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra (58), Francis' new Substitute (second man) in the Vatican’s Secretariat of State is a “very close friend” of Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga and of his disgraced …
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angry bob
I can see that nothing is going to change until we have a new pontiff. That is unless we get another one like Francis. Secondly the Jesuits need to … More

Francis Blesses Jailed Pro-Gay and Pro-Abortion Ex-President

Pope Francis welcomed on August 2 for a one hour meeting three allies of the former leftwing Brazilian President Luiz Lula da Silva. Lula is pro-abortion and pro-gay. Since April he is serving a 9-…
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Cardinal Burke on conducting audits of dioceses to uncover abuse

World Over Sneak Peek - Cardinal Raymond Burke on Raymond Arroyo's proposal to conduct financial audits in order to gain transparency into the dioceses' protections of abusive priests.
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Pope names new Vatican bishop who claims Jesus didn’t ‘establish rules’

Pope Francis has put the new bishop in charge of the Vatican's secret archives.
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Barnhardt: Mendonça is an open, active, highly promiscuous sodomite and HUGE “LGBT” activist. Mendonça’s wretched life of open, sacriligious sodomy … More
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Bergoglio nombró obispo a un homosexual que profesa que Jesús no estableció ninguna regla .…/mas-sobre-le-ob…

Budapest: Saint Stephen of Hungary (Feast Day: August 16)


St. Stephen's right hand relic can be seen at the St. Stephen Basilica. More
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Dormition of the Virgin Mary

"In the liturgical books which deal with the feast either of the dormition or of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin there are expressions that agree in testifying that, when the Virgin Mother of … More
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Vatican Under Thumb of Fake-News CNN Feels "Shame and Sorrow"

Vatican press officer Greg Burke published on August 16 a bootlicking statement on the [fraudulent] "Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report" about alleged clerical abuses in six Pennsylvania dioceses. Catho…
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Campion the Champion
Is the ‘article’ down playing the seriousness of the excrement storm hitting the American Church AGAIN? Bill Donahue is a lap dog of the US Bishops. … More
Yeah right!

Vatican statement on Pennsylvania report: Shame and Sorrow

Greg Burke, the director of the Vatican press office, released today a statement in response to the Pennsylvania report on sex abuse in the Church. The statement (in full) was released in English:
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Assumed Body and Soul into Heaven

"Thus St. John Damascene, an outstanding herald of this traditional truth, spoke out with powerful eloquence when he compared the bodily Assumption of the loving Mother of God with her other … More
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As always: the beauty of the pre-conciliar Church!
U.S. Bishops Announce Effort That Will Involve Laity, Experts, and Vatican to address sex abuse crisis

President of U.S. Bishops' Conference Announces Effort That Will Involve Laity, Experts, and the …

President of U.S. Bishops' Conference Announces Effort That Will Involve Laity, Experts, and the Vatican as U.S. Bishops Resolve to Address "Moral …
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In other words, nothing will change, so 20 years from now it will be the "same bat time, same bat channel."
Blah, blah, blah. They lie. Again.
Parish Priest: "If Pope Francis is unable or unwilling to effect the necessary reforms, we hereby petition you to exercise your office and invite him to step aside, after the example of Pope … More

Stella Maris Catholic Church -

A response to the scandal of Theodore McCarrick The response to my comments in the parish bulletin about the scandal of Theodore McCarrick has been …
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If only there was a Catholic state like the Holy Roman Empire to eject this dubious occupier, this intruder. The Gregorian reforms only were possible… More
He should never have been elected. He will never step down. He is way too power hungry. Read Henry Sire aka Marcantonio Colonna.
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Pagan Symbol On Francis‘ Liturgical Vestments

The Mass vestments for Pope Francis' upcoming Dublin World Meeting of Families (August 22-26) feature a triple spiral. Father Damian McNeice, the master of ceremonies for the event confirmed on …
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The command of Christ is impossible, but it is not insane; it is rather sanity preached to a planet of lunatics.
You know... The New Evangelization. Francis is reaching out to his Chinese brothers. "You say yin, I say yong..."
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Fiction And Realty: Former Dominican Speaks About Retreat for Gay Priests in Rome

The homosexual James Alison, a former convert and British Dominican who is now a full time gay propagandist, wrote in (italic)The Tablet(italic) (August 1) about an alleged "retreat" he gave a few …
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Sometimes wonder if a retreat for sodomite Conciliar priest might be redundant. Easily half are queer anyhow.
Joseph a' Christian
Gay means to be happy 😊. Don’t use the worldly creatures’ false terminology. Queer means odd. Therefore this word is fitting for perverse homosexuals… More
“We are collecting and complementing the information we have already received, particularly about the identification of victims who have lodged complaints about abuses of various types,” a … More

Chilean officials raid bishops' conference amid abuse investigation

.- Officials of the Investigative Police of Chile (PDI) raided Tuesday the offices of the Chilean bishop’s conference to seize information and …
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Canon law says they don't have to report abuse? This must be changed! The Bishops say there is not a massive disorder in the church? How?!!!
What about all the other States in the USA? How can we as lay people ask for investigations?!!!
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“Do you think there is more to this in the Church with adult seminarians?”

“Do you think there is more to this in the Church with adult seminarians?” “No I don’t. I think that Cardinal McCarrick’s case is really extraordinary...” McCarrick, Maciel, Cardinal O’Brien, … More
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Thank you for only uploading 9 seconds of creepy Jamie Martin, 10 seconds would have made me puke!
Lying faggot!
Another officially registered Catholic church was destroyed because it hindered urban projects. About a month ago, again in the district of Licheng, on the outskirts of Jinan, the church of … More

Third church demolished in China's Jinan Diocese -

Officials promise to relocate destroyed church after protest by 70 Catholics
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Another pro Vatican II neo-conservative.
The Church is justified, not because her children do not sin, but because they do.

The Pennsylvania Grand Jury Hoax

Catholic League’s Bill Donohue has called the Pennsylvania grand jury report on alleged clerical abuses an "ongoing war on the Catholic Church", strewn with lies, hypocrisy, bigotry, and corruption. … More
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Fiel al Evangelio
Bill Donohue: I Knew About McCarrick President of Catholic League admits he knew and did nothing…/bill-donohue-i-… Donohue … More
Hmm, a fair few priests were greviously maligned. One or two cases involve priests remaining in prison because of a refusal to take a plea bargain … More

The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer'

“Gosnell” Movie Trailer Released, Horror Story of Abortionist Showing in 750 Theaters in October
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