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10K Petition Catholic school NOT to Fire Teacher for Quoting Saint John Bosco on Islam

Can political correctness get worse than this? Support Mark by signing this petition. Fact #1: Mark Smythe is a well-liked Catholic teacher at Blessed Trinity Catholic School in Ocala, Florida. He …
TFP Student Action

Public Blasphemer Invited to Speak at Jesuit University

Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution in California, has invited Dr. Susannah Cornwall to deliver a lecture on "Gendered Theologies." She has attacked Our Lord in the past and her presentation…

Protest the First "Transgender Doll" for Children NOW

Sign your protest here today. The New York-based Tonner Doll Company launched its first "transgender doll" for children at the New York Toy Fair. According to CNN, the company plans to start selling …
Your comments could not say it any better.
We had enough of this neoliberalists who want to push this evil idioligy
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TFP Student Action

State Persecutes Mother for Belief in True Marriage -- Please support her

Washington state and the ACLU are suing Mrs. Baronnelle Stutzman, a 72-year-old Christian florist, mother and grandmother. Why? Because she politely declined to make a floral arrangement for a same-…

Catholic College to Welcome Radical Abortion Activist Bell Hooks

Why is a Catholic institution hosting two famous pro-abortion activists, Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks, who attack Catholic moral teaching? TFP Student Action recently launched a national petition…

Sign This Petition Against Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma

Offending Christians nationwide, the Oklahoma City Civic Center is hosting a public "Black Mass" on September 21. Opposition is mounting from coast to coast. More than 70,000 online petitions have …
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May God bless you and reward you in His coming Kingdom

Panic at Planned Parenthood

How often do you see a cheerful group of forty young men praying the rosary outside Planned Parenthood? Panic at Planned Parenthood The participants of the 2014 Call to Chivalry Camp put the spirit …

Harvard University Attacks God with Black Mass -- Join 15,000 & Sign Your Protest

Sign the protest here The Satanic Temple plans to perform a Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University on Monday, May 12, at 8:30PM. We cannot remain silent! This is a most grave sin. And a direct insu…
Gee, I thought this was a university for SMART people!

Catholic College to Host Impure Drag Show -- Everyone please protest now

Unfortunately, the "smoke of Satan" is spreading. This time Catholic Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York, is planning a "drag show" on March 10 that flatly undermines moral values. The lewd event …
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TFP Student Action

Catholic Students Protest Upcoming Pro-Homosexual "Drag Show" at Catholic University

Preparations for the "Seattle University Drag Show" are underway, according to the Catholic institution's web site. The March 14 event will be the 8th "drag show" on this campus which has thus …