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Bergoglio Appoints Evil McCarrick Creature to Camerlengo

A Catholic about current affairs in the Catholic Church in Europe and the world.
Gesù è con noi
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For it is the fool who says in her heart, “There is no God,” believing she answers only to herself, as she testifies aloud, saying, “It is my body, my choice.” YOU CHOOSE DEATH! Says The Lord. … More

The Fall

"The serpent was the most subtle of all the wild beasts that the Lord God had made. It asked the woman, ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’ The woman … More
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Who Is Pope? Only God Knows - Texas Bishop

“Only God knows who is really the pope, Benedict or Francis,” the retired Corpus Christi Bishop René Gracida, 95, Texas, wrote on his blog (February 15). Personally he “guesses” that …
I know for sure that Bergoglio is not the pope. Not sorry to say it either.…/the-validity-of…
Well, that would be muy opinión, bit not with total certitude and recognizing I'm not the proper authority, so I hace to submit my self, trying to … More

Demon of Death Dead: "I Do have a Darkened Heart"

Operation Rescue has learned that the San Diego Abortionist Robert J. Santella, 74, has died unexpectedly already in January 2018. Santella became famous for a June 2016 incident, when he went into …
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Lavrov Puts Fake News Journalist in His Place

Russian Foreign minister Sergei Lavrov (who is an Armenian) answers the question of a fake-news and anti-Trump Washington Post journalist. The Washington Post belongs to the American anti-Trump … More

Henry Wingate | The Art of Painting

Henry Wingate is an oil painter who studied in the Boston School tradition of painting. He paints portraits primarily, but also figurative works, landscapes, and still-lifes. Subscribe to our … More
Very beautiful.


“Adam had to be recapitulated in Christ, so that death might be swallowed up in immortality, and Eve [had to be recapitulated] in Mary, so that the Virgin, having become another virgin’s advocate, … More

Roe v. Wade movie: "We will all go to school a little bit"

Actor John Voight (left) who plays SCOTUS Justice Warren Burger said about the Roe v. Wade movie: “This moment — it is the tenor of the times that there is a lot of emotion and not an awful lot of …
Terrible awakening, hard times are necessary... The world is Saint Augustin's De Beata Vita...

The abortion industry is built on a lie - Mike Huckabee

The abortion industry is built on a lie - Mike Huckabee
Isn't is sad that a Baptist minister in one succinct sentence has exposed the lie of abortion. Other then Fr Frank Pavone have you heard a public … More
He is doing his part. Good for him.

The Vortex–'Evil' Church Militant

Go to our website to watch thousands of hours of Catholic content. Sign up for a Premium account. Write to us! questions@churchmilitant… More
Bishop of Grand Rapid and Cupich, bishop of Chicago along with Dolan from New York are NOT TRUE Jesus Christ followers. They are wolves in lamb skin. … More
Wonderful person. Michael Voris is one of the most significant catholic people TODAY ! Ne God's waking up for many, God bless you Michael. More
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Would you trust these men / faces? Like buying a car from them?

Francis, his second man Cardinal Pietro Parolin and the new Camerlengo, Cardinal Farrrell
Wouldn't take free car from them. It would be the death of me.
It's worth remembering that looks can be deceiving, for good and for evil. Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI bears a marked visual resemblance to the corrup… More
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Cardinal Sarah to Publish Book on Today’s ‘Spiritual, Moral and Political Crisis’

The prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship says the new volume will be the last but “most important” of a series of three books.
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Feminists Mocking Our Lady

In Front of a Church.
@Tesa , any details regarding location? Country, city, church?
....and yet these same people would scream about "intolerance" if anyone mocked Islam -even in spite of the Quran's notably anti-feminist views. … More

Victory for Citizen Journalist Sandra Merritt exposing criminal Planned Parenthood

Summarized from a Washington Times article: Sandra Merrit, who worked with David Daleiden through Center for Medical Progress to expose Planned Parenthood's disgusting and illegal trafficking of …
Becerra, like Harris before him, use public office to promote the evil agenda of the Brotherhood of Darkness.


Abortion: Murder of the Innocent - (Short Film) Text: (Tags) - Abortion Pro-life Pro-Choice Murder Roe vs Wade New York Law Virgina Ralph Northam Cuomo Planned… More
God will act, soon.
That's good your reject child murder, but this trumpet site is PROTESTANT! Another evil that sends souls to hell!

The apostate Joe Biden receives sacrilegious Communion at the sacrilegious funeral of the abortioni…

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