The Upside-down world of the Kingdom. Homily for the 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Fr.GeoffreyPlant on Oct 16, 2018 The upside-down world of God's kingdom is about a cross, not a crown; about being last, not first; about being a servant, not lord; self-sacrifice, not glory.
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Facebook Chick Sounds Like a Programmed NPC

Facebook Product Manager pretty much says they are defaulting to "third party fact checkers" to stamp out fake news on their platform. These "third party" organizations don't even attempt to hide … More
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2011 Interview with Fr. Gary Thomas, exorcist. Quote: "Now I will tell you in the same breath, that there are bishops who don’t believe. I’ve had rector generals tell me they don’t believe."

An Interview with An Exorcist: Fr. Gary Thomas - - Celebrating Catholic Motherhood

Editor’s Note: As part of our coverage of the opening of The Rite, I’m pleased to share the following interview of Fr. Gary Thomas whose story …
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The Difference Between Francis and Paul VI

The Difference Between Francis and Paul VI In a lecture given in mid-October in Melbourne, Cardinal Raymond Burke compared Paul VI with Francis. Burke noticed that Francis speaks frequently and … More
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The Trump Admin has a definition of sex as "a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.”

‘Transgender’ Could Be Defined Out of Existence Under Trump Administration

The Trump administration is considering a legal definition of gender as immutable and fixed at birth, the most drastic in a series of moves against …
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alex j
More power to you Mr. President! Common sense at last!!!!!!!!

Cardinal Burke pictured after today's Mass at the church of Santa Trinity, in Rome.

Burke visits with the children from the catechism class for first communion and preparation for confirmation.
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Cardinal Burke
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Both the president of Steubenville University and his COO (who functions as a de facto executive vice president) are “pushing the school to embrace the LGBT agenda,” says an angry parent.

‘Conservative’ Steubenville Becoming Liberal Notre Dame

Secularized American Catholic universities fail every test of honest advertisement: they are neither Catholic nor American, insofar as they peddle …
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Joseph a' Christian
Wow. More evidence, that we are within the tremendous falling away. . Our Christ Is Great. Man’s world is a ransid, dying, More
alex j
Contrast this with a letter written by a body of Catholic students in Australia and sent to all delegates at the current Youth Synod. www.scribd.… More
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I would very much like to see the 4-minute video that changed these individuals' minds. Can you please make it available to us so that we can share … More
A video should be shown to all high school age students as part of their curriculum! The truth about the horrible tragedy of abortion needs to be … More
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Read This. From Rod Dreher's Blog (Commentary)

Dreher knows the posting mother personally.
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alex j
Check out…/Australian-Yout…&from_embed but I confess to hardly being computer literate but I do hope that all bloggers on this … More
Satan's plan is working perfectly.
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Saint Ursula and Companions - October 21

Celebrated The October 21 SAINT URSULA Virgin and Martyr († 453) A number of Christian families had entrusted the education of their children to the care of the pious Ursula, and some persons of … More
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Saint Hilarion - October 21

cybrotius (c. 291 – 371) Despite his best efforts to live in prayer and solitude, today’s saint found it difficult to achieve his deepest desire. People were naturally drawn to Hilarion as a source … More
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St Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna, as dance floor

They call this "a powerful night of unity, prayer, worship and salvation".
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Another example of the Church adapting to the world. Exactly opposite of how it should be.

James Martin Proven A Liar

Pro-gay Jesuit.
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A distinction between fact and fiction, truth and lies, is probably 'rigid.'
Apostate Martin to the rescue!
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Sant'Agostino, Rome

what a horror
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Let them try that abomination on a mosque.
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Benedict XVI and his brother Georg Ratzinger

The brothers and a delegation from Traunstein, where Joseph Ratzinger grew up.
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Long live Pope Benedict XVI!
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Is This "Renewal"? Hundreds of Religious Orders on Their Deathbed

300 of the 420 institutes of sisters and nuns in the USA will die out within the next ten years according to the US bishops’ (October 19). Since the end of Second Vatican Council in …
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Francis is trying hard with 'Cor Orans' to destroy Orders who avoided the disasters of V2. Outside California the autodemolition of Orders followed … More
Take this example: the Inmaculate Heart congregation, un Montecito, California. It was destroyed in the 60's, and many nuns ended up being lesbian … More

Francis Not Allowed To Contradict His Predecessors – Cardinal Burke

The Church finds herself in “confusion, error and division” and “in most troubled times”, Cardinal Raymond Burke told an audience in Melbourne (October 14). In a talk recorded by (…
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Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin - October 20

October 20 realcatholictv SAINT MARIA BERTILLA BOSCARDIN Virgin (1888-1922) Anna Francesca Boscardin was born at Brendola, Veneto in 1888. She lived in fear of her father, a poor, violent and … More
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