Dialogue 36

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #36
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Francis: Homosexuals Cannot Enter Seminary

If bishops’ have “the slightest doubt” that a young man is homosexual, it’s “better” not to let him enter the seminary, Pope Francis said in a closed door meeting with the Italian bishops. According …
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Well orchestrated sounds of schizophrenia for mass deception?
Jim Dorchak
All this is about is putting doubt in his BORN THAT way statement. Confuse and abuse and then push through the liberal agenda. "God made you this … More

Pentecost Schola - SUNG Mass

Latin Mass St. Patrick's Wilmington, Delaware
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"I am a young, proud, ambitious Irish woman..."

"I am a young, proud, ambitious Irish woman and I am sick of being told that without the right to kill, without the right to take a human life, I am somehow not equal"
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Please God, let the good Irish Catholics win tomorrow.
Hillary and Kamala (and Barrack and Jerry and Gavin, et al...), are you listening; are you hearing; are you understanding? You can be sure that your … More
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The Cruel Death of a Loving Mother

On December 29, 2017, gunmen attacked Coptic Christians leaving a church on the southern outskirts of Cairo. Nermeen Sadiq, the mother of Nesma Wael, 13, and her sister Karen, 8, was one of the nine …
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Let us pray for these and all Christians in the middle east...

U.S. bishops’ pro-life chair defends denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians

They need to be held to 'accountability.'
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Liturgical Arts Journal: Before and After: St. Mark's in Peoria, Illinois

Before and After: St. Mark's in Peoria, Illinois
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@Don Reto Nay will like this!

12 Quotes Against Sodomy That Every Catholic Should Know

Here's what the Saints, Doctors, and Catholic Church Fathers really taught about the sin of sodomy.
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adeste fideles
San Agustín: "Aquellos delitos que son contrarios a la naturaleza están en todo lugar y en todo momento deben ser reprimidos y castigados, como los … More
adeste fideles
"Durante milenios, la Iglesia Católica se ha opuesto sistemáticamente al vicio antinatural. Aquí hay una breve muestra de citas útiles de los Santos,… More
This week's confusion: Did the pope make gay ok?

Did the Pope Make Gay OK?

This week’s papal confusion surrounds his supposed comments to Chilean sexual abuse victim Juan Carlos Cruz. The story made most of the mainline …
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Jim Dorchak
Our Most Holy Father and Only Pope did make Gay Ok!!!!! and you will not hear him deny it. It is all about confuse and implement strategy of the … More
Gesù è con noi
Nobody is born homosexual. The Scripture clearly tells us that homosexuality is a sin, and also condemns the sin of "Gay Identity" effeminacy that … More

The Incredible Mass

On the great gift of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The power of the Mass. How important it is? Fr recounts the miracle in the small town of Velankanni in the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India? … More
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The traditional Catholic Mass; Without question, the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven.
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FIRST. I, RENE HENRY GRACIDA., with firm faith believe and profess each and everything that is contained in the Symbol of faith, namely: I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven …
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YES ! YES ! and YES !
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Gay man says Pope Francis apologized to him

Juan Carlos Cruz, a survivor of sexual abuse, tells CNN's Chris Cuomo he spent three days with Pope Francis at the Vatican in April, in which he discussed his sexuality and the abuse he suffered at … More
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Every homo/pedophile priest, bishop, etc. should be incarcerated as anyone else. They need to be called out. As for ‘being born that way’ ... it’s a … More
Holy Cannoli
Chris Cuomo aka "Fredo Cuomo" from Godfather 1. Why? Because he's an imbecile just like Fredo was. More
Member of Parliament Patricia Appiagyei said, "God, in his own infinite wisdom, said he will ensure we will multiply on the earth, but not that he would create Eve and Eve to stay like they are. … More

Ghana's Parliament Throws Out Gay Marriage

Parliament has taken a tough position against any attempt to legalize same-sex marriage in the country. The legislators say they will not under any …
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Certainly Ghana is much more pleasing to God than Francis and the Vatican.
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Cardinal Rodriguez Reigns “By Terror Toward Anyone Who Dares To Question Him”

Priests of the archdiocese of Tegucigalpa, Honduras, have been suspended “only” for informing Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of “immoral acts” of his auxiliary bishop Juan Pineda, according to …
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A thug who dresses in red. He won't be so arrogant before Almighty God.

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the liberal inquisition | Coffee House

Trying to make Christian politicians squirm is a favourite occasional sport among political broadcasters in Westminster. The former Lib Dem leader …
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Why Are Churches Illuminated Like Shopping Malls? - By Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

A Catholic should pay attention to what should happen before Mass starts. At the entrance there is Holy Water, a reminder of baptism, which disposes us for accessing the sacred mysteries. By entering…
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Dr Bobus
Superb observation. A priest friend and I have wondered why every corner of every church must be illuminated. The interior beauty of Chartres Cathedr… More
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Francis As Gay Prostitute - No Atonement Needed

During a gay march in Bergamo, Italy, on May 20, homosexuals mocked Pope Francis as a gay prostitute. In order to make atonement for the abomination, a prayer of reparation was supposed to take place…
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Stonka Ziemniaczana
Francis is definitely is not a gay prostitute. But he is definitely a gay supporter. But ........ Gay supporter = Satan worshiper. More
Atanasio de Trento
Pope Francis Has "Transsexuals Close To His Heart" They do not ridicule Bergoglio but the papacy using one of them. Because Bergoglio himself congra… More
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Archbishop “Puzzled” About Francis’ Stance On Protestant Communion

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa, Canada, has called Protestant Communion in Germany “ill-advised”, “doctrinally impossible”, “against Catholic teaching” and “spiritually unfruitful”. Talkin…
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Puzzled? I think outrage would be a better response.
Archbishop “Puzzled” About Francis’ Stance On Protestant Communion Puzzled???? Is he joking?? The fake adulterous pontiff hails a statue of Luther … More
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Cardinal Marx Is Inserting “A Lie” – Archbishop Chaput

Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput has criticised Munich Cardinal Marx and his allies who intend to “allow” Protestant Communion. Chaput writes on (May 23) that it is “a lie” to …
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"You will never attract the young by making Christianity easy, but a good many can be attracted by finding it difficult" T.S. Elliot