A Million Muslims Filled the Streets to Hear About Jesus

In an era where terrorists often target Christians and radical Islam is tainting peace-loving Muslims, one brave Christian evangelist is building bridges in places so dangerous, most travelers have … More
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Communion In The Hand - Denied In The Vatican

On Pentecost Sunday several priests refused to give Holy Communion in the hand in Vatican St Peter's Basilica. They put Holy Communion as it should be on the tongue. Twitter-User CatholicSat explain…
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GJA Taylor
If Holy Communion is to be given on the tounge , what's with this choir member sticking his hands out?
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Francis Called a Mother Who Considered Abortion

Pope Francis recently phoned Anna, a divorced woman who is pregnant after having committed adultery with a married man, reports Credere (May 22). Anna, originally from Arezzo, Italy, was jobless …
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GJA Taylor
Oh my! Is this from Papa Francis' PR manager? Are we supposed to think the pope who said we talk too much about abortion is now come to his senses???… More
Our Lady of Sorrows
Why didn't the Pope start a Crusade to save Ireland from slaughtering their babies like the victory over invading Muslims at Lepanto where Pope Pius … More
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Ireland has voted by 68% to kill babies through abortion

The entire Bishops' Conference of Ireland should resign A voter in Ireland to CNN: "It's an important day for Ireland. It's a very Irish thing. It isn't the Church anymore that's dictating to us. It'… More
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Ireland has 26 diocesan bishops (not counting auxiliaries) over a flock of 4.2 million (= Archdiocese of Los Angeles)
Prayer for killed babies.. Heavenly Father, Your love is eternal. In Your ocean of love, You saved the world through Your only-begotten Son, Jesus … More

Relic of the Cranium of Saint Dominic

A Prayer to Saint Dominic by Blessed Jordan of Saxony: "Most holy priest of God, gracious confessor and outstanding preacher, most blessed Father Dominic, be mindful of us and incline your loving … More
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A praying Polar Bear:)

I saw this in the news and thought it adorable.
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So... people are godless, and animals start to plead with God
It seems this pic is popular, I'm humbled and all thanks be to God that people enjoy it as much as I do. All I know of the origin is that the … More
This sums up everything you need to know about marriage and true love.

I didn’t fall in love with my wife

It’s no surprise that we are so bad at marriage in this culture. We’re bad at it because we don’t understand it, and we don’t understand it because …
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Jorge Mario Bergoglio is wrong in his very personal, very fallible opinion presented as a mere man.…

Dear Michael, but the problem is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was teaching psychology in Argentina at the Inmaculada Concepcion high school where we know that he perverted one of his students who is … More
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Joseph a' Christian
Bergoglio hates Jesus, he is a false hope, he is very destruktive. Jesus Is Truth, He Is Freedom. More
Our Lady said as much to the children at Fatima, Steve. The 3rd secret was to be released by 1960. V2 was in '62
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Analysis by Henry Sire ("Dicator Pope")

Pope Francis’s Chilean Sacrifice

A few days ago Pope Francis told the bishops of the Catholic Church that they need to be prepared to resign when the right time comes for them. He …
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That's the face I see now, the Dictator, when I try to enter my church. I no longer see Angels, nor our Blessed Lady smiling at me. I see that smirk.… More
Gesù è con noi
"They also didn't rule out financial reparations for victims." Pope Benedict's CDF Barred Barros: Francis Overturned catholicmo… More

Bishop Cancels Ordination After Deacon's Gay Affair

A Michigan cleric's ordination to the priesthood is being called off over a sex abuse allegation. Image Jerome Green This week, Bp. Joseph Cistone of the Saginaw diocese sent an internal email …
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Atanasio de Trento
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‘Crying’ Our Lady of Guadalupe statue in Hobbs Church

Some are calling it a miracle. People are coming from all over to visit a Hobbs church after hearing it's Our Lady of Guadalupe statue started to cry during mass.
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Don't those Novus Ordo people love to entertain and act as protestants whenever they get the chance?
Ivan Tomas
People are not able any more to even properly understand the obvious signs. It is exactly that kind of pagan tam-tam ritual and all that and other … More

Atheistic "Logic"

On the Witness of Christ's resurrection.
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It was Bishop Schneider celebrating the Pontifical High Mass at St Mary Moorfields in London

Holy Communion Is Not Like Beer or Cake Shared Between Friends - Cardinal

Protestants who wish to receive Holy Communion should become Catholic, Cardinal Francis Arinze,85, told Catholic News Service (May 23), “Come, be received into the Church, and then you can receive …
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Every now and then I wish Gloriatv had a, "LOVE THIS!" button. Thank you, Cardinal Arinze, for stating the very obvious.
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Atanasio de Trento
Grace Isabel cree la blasfemia herética de que los homosexuales nacen Gay basado en conjeturas y especulaciones que contradicen la Palabra de Dios, … More
Truth sets free.
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Secular Outlet: Francis Is Undermining Catholic Teaching on Homosexuality

Pope Francis' recent claim that God creates and loves homosexuals the way they are, contradicts Catholic teaching, Damon Linker has noted in (May 23), a secular outlet. Linker realises…
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GJA Taylor
How long do we have to endure this rotting corpse of a Vatican under this dreadful pope?
Atanasio de Trento
Bergoglio was already an apostate in Argentina and the Magisterium of the Church made it impossible for a heretic to become a legitimate pope. BERGO… More
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Does God Make a Person Gay?

Does God create a person with a homosexual inclination? Father Philip Bochanski discusses why this idea is incompatible with Catholic theology and the Church's understanding of the human person and … More
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