Dialogue 102

Examining arguments against Pope Francis' papacy

St Margaret of Hungary

"Almighty God, by the working of the Holy Spirit, you made the virgin, Saint Margaret, renowned for the grace of self-denial. Grant that we may never oppose your will, but always faithfully carry … More
Lisi Sterndorfer
The feast of St Deicolus, disciple of St Columbanus: 'S. Columbanus once said to him in his youth, "Deicolus, why art thou always smiling?" He answer… More

Best Slogans At March for Life


Surviving Planned Parenthood.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Here is a factually wrong sign [but amusing enemies].
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Why does main stream media not cover this?
Fun Fact: Talmudic jews believe a baby doesn't have a soul until it's born. “Before the baby is born, it is not considered a living soul, and it is … More
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Google censors video evidence of Planned Parenthood aiding sex trafficking of young girl

YouTube removed a Live Action video showing a Planned Parenthood manager aiding in what she thought was sex trafficking of a minor earlier this week. While the video was later restored after the … More
Controlled by satan.
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March for Life, On Mars it would be human. On Earth?

If we found this organism on another planet, it would be considered a life."
Holy Cannoli
He is correct. Shapiro, a Jew, often appears more Christian than some Catholics. Full speech: Followed by Karen… More
Life on Mars? Only Catholics believe that you may go to the Moon, land there and have 3 days picknic... in temperatures ...what are the temp on the … More
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Fear That Panama’s World Youth May Be Flop – Only 150.000 Registered

Alessandro Gisotti, the Interim Director of the Holy See Press Office, admitted (January 18) that only about 150,000 people have signed up for World Youth Day in Panama (January 22 to 27). He hopes …
Jim Dorchak
Pope hanging out with youth = run away... fast... run... run....
one wonders what our youngsters are being thought there ?... are our churches overflowing with young adults - is this young generation standing up … More
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A Christmas call to Christians and people of good will (Part one)

The meaning of Christmas is that God became man and was born as a defenceless child in a poor stable in Bethlehem. He came to save us from the slavery of sin, the source of which is in us, as well …
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Updates from David Daleiden

David Daleiden updates us on the fallout from his undercover videos about Planned Parenthood
Everyone should be praying for David and that this court case causes the death of the satanic PP
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There is something momentarily uncomfortable about pronouncing exorcisms over a little child, until one begins to process the logic of why it is necessary. I am sure there is something uncomfortable … More

My first time celebrating a baptism in the Extraordinary Form | Catholic Herald

I have celebrated a baptism in the Extraordinary Form for the first time. I mention this not as the opening salvo in some campaign, rather to …
Lisi Sterndorfer
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"Lots of Americans"

Rep. Omar: "Lots of Americans" agree with me that Trump is blackmailing Sen. Graham over his homosexuality
Rep.Omar ,Re . Lindsay Graham ,her proof is her opinion , shows a very poor mentality ,,we dont know his private life ,re, Kavanaugh for supreme … More
Lindsay Graham is a criminal and a rino. This is nothing new. This is the moslem woman who married her brother to get U.S. citizenship. Moslems lie. … More

Which bus to ride

Church. Turn.
Don Reto Nay
Bbbaahhhaahaa ... and in today's world the driver should be in the back of the bus and let the children drive because the children are in the driver … More

Catholic school board caves into LGBT pressure, allows book depicting two boys kissing

The Ottawa Catholic School Board decided that the novel was appropriate for all children ages 7 and older.
Canada has a prime minister ,that is 100 % pro abortion with a very secularistic idiologies .Iam hoping that he loses the election this year , my … More
Like there are any Catholic schools left. They are no different than public schools. Full of non-Catholics programming the next generations to … More
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Repeat Offender: Cardinal Celebrates Gay Eucharist

Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated on January 13 in London a Gay Eucharist organized by the club of homosexuals “LGBT Catholics Westminster”. Nichols is a repeat offender. Already in …
He's unfortunately become such an apostate, that the Holy Ghost is no longer there to rebuke him when he commits foul sins of blasphemy against the … More
Cardinals that fail to be be a good sheppard and follow the True faith they should remove themselves from their position .Its very sad .God have … More
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German Bishop Wants to "Bless" Homosexual Fornication

Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, Germany, renewed his request to introduce a "blessing“ for homosexual couples. Bode is the deputy president of the German Bishops' Conference. He told Katholisch.…
Stupid ignoramus - denier of Christ's REAL Gospel. If he had any idea of the foul statement that he has just broadcast and the ramifications due to … More
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Dear Catholic Brothers, observe that this apostate Franz-Josef Bode is still in full communion with Bergoglio despite his obstinacy in rebelling … More
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Blessed Mary,

Blessed Mary, may I be filled with the merciful love of your Son and live always with His blessing in mind.