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The place where St. Helena found the True Cross of Christ. Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

Zahi Shaked. Israeli tour guide August 18 Today is the feast day of Saint Helena. Ora pro nobis. Saint Helena was born about the middle of the third century, possibly in Drepanum [later, known as … More
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pápež František dovolil krstiť homosexuálom a lezbám deti a dávať im Eucharistiu.

pápež František dovolil krstiť homosexuálom a lezbám deti a dávať im Eucharistiu. takyto pripad...kde Bergoglio ,,dovolil gayom ,jeden z nich bol preoperovany na zenu, pokrstit deti... aj ked krstni … More
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a katechismus je bude vyučovat Frnka
Michal Frnka-Spisovatel. Proč ne? Děti nemohou za jejich radoby rodiče!
"They also scanned women who had never been pregnant and discovered a dramatic difference in the volume of gray matter in their brains, particularly in the organ's social regions."

STUDY: Having Children Transforms A Woman’s Brain

A new study further confirms the differences between the sexes by showing that women's brains actually transform after having children, making them …
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Holy Cannoli
I’d guess that it quickly reverts back once they get behind the wheel of a car.
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Campion the Champion
No one really believed if was for his sister
angry bob
We need Matthew Hopkins Witch Finder General.<<(old movie) To root out the rot.
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EWTN: "Humans before Adam and Eve"

Published on Twitter, August 17, 21:36 : "Seriously just now - Fr. Spitzer on EWTN- humans before Adam and Eve had no souls .."
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angry bob
Holy Cannoli
humans before Adam and Eve had no souls Early Democrats? More
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St Stephen of Hungary

"Be humble in this life, that God may raise you up in the next... Be chaste so that you may avoid all the foulness of lust like the pangs of death." – St Stephen of Hungary, the first king of that … More
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THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST by Salvatore Canto, Blog "MI-CHA-EL", May 18, 2014…/il-numero-della… I have always been intrigued by Revelation chapter 13, in which Saint John …
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Que ce soit 666 Ou que ce soit 6-6-6, C'est toujours le même Antéchrist Et l'Adversaire du Christ, Toujours le même Faux-Prophète Et la même septièm… More
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Doctors of the Church - Brother Francis Maluf

Brother Francis Maluf talking on some of the Doctors of the Church. For more of his talks go to More
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SIGN THE PETITION: Cardinal Wuerl needs to resign

Cardinal Wuerl needs to resign in light of the grand jury report released August 14, 2018.
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If they ALL resign, you gonna trust Francis to replace them with better??
Even if he goes, another one just like him will step in.
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Pro-gay archbishop to investigate gay scandal

Scicluna, a pro-gay marriage bishop from Malta, should look into the crisis.
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The homo's are in complete control of the Church
angry bob
Would anyone expect anything else. They are perpetrating the cover up.
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There Is a Homosexual Problem Among Bishops – Cardinal Burke

After the 2002 sexual abuse crisis in the USA, it became clear that the great majority of clerical abuses in the country were [not pedophilia but] homosexual acts committed against adolescent young …
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Joseph a' Christian
Homosexual abuse, allowed by False Saint John Paul II. . Christ Jesus, The True King Of Our Church. More
Dr Bobus
Why this problem? Although there are certain practical benefits to celibacy (e.g., the complete devotion to the Apostolate), ultimately, it is … More
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Francis Fabricates Martyrdom for Ultraliberal Bishop

On June 8 Pope Francis declared Bishop Enrique Angelelli (+1976) of La Rioja, Argentina, a martyr, a step toward beatification without the need of a miracle attributed to Angelelli’s intercession. …
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Being in a poorly maintained car(bald tyres), and dying, is not martyrdom. Some Kirchner era tribunal did class it as a junta killing for political … More

Nick Donnelly: Is Bergoglio a person with the "homosexual condition"?

Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith Why would Francis kiss the hands of a priest who advocates homosexuality? In the light of Francis'...
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A very legitimate question
A fearless man. His bishop ordered Deacon to shutter his blog, but he has Twitter.

St Hyacinth

"Almighty and eternal God, you called Saint Hyacinth to renew and confirm in faith peoples of diverse nations by the assiduous preaching of your word. Increase our faith by his prayers, that we may … More
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Vered Lavan

Italy's young people reject Laudate Si

This is what resulted from Bergoglios meeting with the youth, the other day, in the Circus Maximus at Rome. Seems to kinda reflect the authenticity of the event.
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Is this for real!? It just doesn't seem possible. Wow, what a dump!

N.J. priest in sexting sting thought he was talking to 16-year-old boy, wanted to meet

The Rev. Matthew Riedlinger exchanged more than 1,200 text messages, many of them sexually explicit, over four weeks last year
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Joseph a' Christian
HOMOSEXUAL. A 16 year old is a young man, not a boy. . Jesus Is Truth. More
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'The Torah of Israel teaches us clearly and unambiguously what a family is: a covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, who will, with G-d's help, be blessed with children.'

75 Jewish women slam LGBT ‘families’ as against Torah and tradition

'The Torah of Israel teaches us clearly and unambiguously what a family is: a covenant of marriage between a man and a woman, who will, with G-d's …
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@ndhorner That article doesn't show anything about what you just said. All it's doing is promoting jewish beliefs. Do you have a link for Fr. … More
@mattsixteen24 to show that what so called Catholics believe about Judaism, and especially the Israeli state is false. More people should read Fr. … More
Mormon church President Russell M. Nelson said he wants people to stop using “Mormon,” or “LDS” as substitutes for the full name of the religion: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nels… More

Church president: Use 'Latter-day Saints' not 'Mormon' - Religion News Service

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The terms "Mormon," ''Mormonism" and "LDS" have been frequently used for decades to refer to the Utah-based faith that counts …
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Dr Bobus
In the Kansas City area there are the Protestant Mormons, known as the Reorganized Church of Latter Day Saints
Who cares? We are Catholic. Why are you posting mormon news???? This is a Catholic website.
Credible accounts of a priestly “subculture, with its own group of men...openly homosexual and petty and vindictive with everyone else” in the Diocese of Newark. Cardinal Tobin, call your office.

New allegations surface regarding Archbishop McCarrick and Newark priests

Recent allegations against former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick include reports that he made sexual advances toward seminarians during his tenure as …
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Dr Bobus
When I was in Rome, an archbishop visited the Convito San Tommaso, where I and more than 50 others were living. After he was introduced before the … More
One priest worked in close proximity to the archbishop in the archdiocesan chancery for a number of years. “There were the ‘nephews,’ for sure,” he … More