Take a Nap On Holy Mass

Holy Mass gives true comfort while a concert gives an excitement!
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Destruction of China’s shrines shows that Vatican pact serves only Communists: human rights expert.

Destruction of China’s shrines shows that Vatican pact serves only Communists: human rights expert

Steven Mosher of the Population Research Institute says the agreement is working out just as the government wanted.
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Marco Tosatti Explains why Italian Bishops Falsified Our Father

Without any need, the Italian Bishops have introduced a made-up version of the Our Father and the Gloria. For Marco Tosatti this expresses a “sinisterly psychopathic” behaviour and the envy of …
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It is pope Francis who drives this. Look why: Whole latin america will pray the lord's prayer: No nos dejes caer en la tentación. This means don't … More

Confirmed: Male Actor and Model Lived in Pro Gay Cardinal's Apartment

Newark Cardinal Joseph Tobin admitted to the journalist George Neumayr (, November 15) that the Italian actor Francesco Castiglione, 36, lived "temporarily" with him in Newark …
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The Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem

Some 40 km from Fatima, another village had a visitor from heaven. This miracle is less known as the Fatima events.
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The centre provides information about the impact of world hunger and the simple solution offered by Mary’s Meals, which feeds more than 1.2 million children in 15 of the world’s poorest countries … More

A new meeting place in Medjugorje

Mary’s Meals has opened a new information centre in the pilgrimage village where the organisation has its roots.
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Daily Bible Reading 16 November 2018 of Catholic Mass

USCCB. Commentary of the day : Saint Cyril of Jerusalem The two comings of Christ Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint Luke 17,26-37. Jesus said to his disciples: “As it was in the days … More
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Second Letter of John 1,4-9. (Chosen Lady) I rejoiced greatly to find some of your children walking in the truth just as we were commande… More
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Pope Francis is the Greatest Crisis in Church History: How can he be Removed?

We are in the greatest crisis in the history of the Church because we appear to have a pope and his pro-gay bishops network who make the immoral …
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This type of articles doesn't consider the main aspect: Francis is no mere "heretic", he isn't even an apostate, he is a communist kabbalist jew, an … More

Saint Joseph Pignatelli - November 15

Born on 27 December 1737 at Zaragoza, Spain His mother was Spanish, his father an Italian noble. An orphan at age 9, he became a resident student at the Jesuit college in Zaragoza. Joined the … More
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November 16 Saint Gertrude the Great, Mystic 1264-1334)

Saint Gertrude of Eisleben is the most celebrated of several Saints of the same name, and for this reason the ancient authors named her Gertrude the Great. She was born in the year 1264 of a noble … More
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Other Saints of the Day: Patronage of Our Lady Our Lady of Ostra Brama — Afan of Wales Africus of Comminges Agnes of Assisi Agostino … More

St Elizabeth of Hungary

"O God, by whose gift Saint Elizabeth of Hungary recognized and revered Christ in the poor, grant, through her intercession, that we may serve with unfailing charity the needy and those afflicted. … More
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Cardinal Sarah: Widespread Communion in the hand is part of Satan’s attack on the Eucharist More

Cardinal Sarah: Widespread Communion in the hand is part of Satan’s attack on the Eucharist

'Why do we insist on receiving Communion standing and on the hand?'
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Right Alex j? Say this phrase you are saying aloud and several times. Try to paraphrase. Try to say this with Mary in your heart. Do you hear the … More
alex j
Truly this man is a man of God!
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Archbishop Cordileone hits homerun! Baltimore Nov 13, 2018

The problem is just like the book, "Good-Bye Good Men" states, there are homosexuals or homosexual-friendly priests/bishops/staff that admit men to our seminaries that have homosexual tendencies, … More
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Mark Hart Dances with Nuns and Taylor Swift

In between training sessions at the Life Teen Training Convention, sometimes youth ministers need to be reminded to step out of their comfort zones and have a little fun. So this year, to model that … More
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My heart breaks for all involved here. These adults, sisters included, think that to attract youth to the Church they must be entertained with … More
Gay and satanic.
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Warm Greetings to Cardinal Kasper

Catholic Sat on Twitter: "Pope Francis greeting the Cardinals present today for the presentation of this year's Ratzinger Prize. Notice the warm embrace with a certain German Cardinal ...
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.... just watched a bit more and neither did quite a few others.
Kasper didn't kiss the ring, either.
An official at the Congregation for Bishops told CNA on Thursday that the substance of the plan presented by Cupich at the Baltimore meeting is known in the congregation as “Wuerl’s plan.”

Cupich and Wuerl collaborated on alternative sex abuse proposal

Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago and Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington collaborated extensively on a recently proposed policy for handling abuse …
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Cupich and Wuerl? They should just as well had McCarrick present the plan.

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary - November 17

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary: Memorial 17 November, 19 November in Germany Also known as Elizabeth of Thuringia, she was born 1207 at Presburg, Hungary Princess, the daughter of King Andrew of Hunga… More
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A great Saint! Pray for us...
"Scorn Christianity, and people will applaud and buy your books. Mock Egalitarianism, Human Rights or the claim that global warming is caused by human activity, and you will be in trouble."

An article about the non-existence of Human Rights and an interview about God - Mail Online - …

An article about the non-existence of Human Rights and an interview about God
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Blessed Lucy of Narni - November 15

Born on 13 December 1476 in Narni, Umbria, Italy as Lucia Brocolelli. The eldest of eleven children of Bartolomeo Broccadelli and Gentilina Cassio. A pious child, at age five she received a vision … More
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