When Will Cardinal Wuerl Let Me Return to Mass?

September 18, 2018, 12:05 am I am “banned” from the DC archdiocese for the sin of practicing journalism. I wrote last week about Cardinal Wuerl’s …
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Holy Cannoli
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Dutch Cardinal: Almost All Churches In Utrecht Archdiocese Will Be Closed Down

Over the next decade Utrecht archdiocese will close down most of its 280 churches. Less than 15 churches will remain, according to Cardinal Wim Eijk. Talking to (September 15) Eijk …
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A good Churchman, critical of some of the odder Bergoglian statements. Retrieving the aftermath of the onetime epicentre of pre and post V2 Modernism… More

Pope Francis Boosts Authority of the Synod of Bishops

In new apostolic constitution, the Holy Father gives the body new powers including applying magisterial authority to a synod’s final do...
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This is a measure that if his successor is not a wrecker like him, all those Modernists who rejected even the Ratzingerian revisions to the New … More
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The Ultimate Culprit is the Fake «Reforms» of Second Vatican Council – by Fr Philip Bruno Penguine

No one yet seems to bother to do a forensic investigation within the Church to identify the reasons for the homosexual abuses. It all goes back to the influence of Vatican II. This council was called…
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The uncanonical excommunication of Fr Feeney MICM was a canary in the mine, something procured by Kennedy lackey Cardinal Cushing. If you read his … More
The Church was infiltrated a way before. The infiltration is the cause. The council is but a chapter in the works of the masons, communists et al. … More

Dialogue 69

Spiritual Dialogues with Fr. Odon de Castro - #69
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Francis "Popularity" Falls

The number of Americans who have a "favourable view" of Pope Francis has sharply declined, a CNN pool (September 12) shows. The result of such pools are directly connected to the propaganda, the …
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The lower, the better
Division, mistrust, confusion: The “Real Pope Francis Effect”: More
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Archbishop Claims He Didn’t Know Sex With Children Was A Crime

On May 23, 2014 the current Archbishop of St. Louis Robert Carlson gave sworn testimony under oath as part of a civil lawsuit involving a man, Doe 1, sexually abused as a child by former priest … More
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Jim Dorchak
Wow, filthy Frank likely sees a future Cardinal.

Cardinal Müller responds to allegations of leniency in cover-up abuse cases

Cardinal Müller also responded to the claim that to end sex abuse, the Church should abandon priestly celibacy.
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Considered a "Conservative" in Canada.

Cardinal says women should train priests to fight abuse 'crisis'

Women should play a greater role in the training of priests to fight the child abuse "crisis" that has engulfed the Catholic Church, Canadian …
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Like an occasional lap dance?
Over the last generation it’s been far more fatal to your career to say the Mass in Latin than to groom seminarians as love-boys.

Catholicism After 2018 | R. R. Reno

Theodore McCarrick has been stripped of his status as cardinal for pursuing young men throughout his clerical career. “Uncle Ted” liked to take his “…
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Tesa, look at what Francis does and who he surrounds himself with and what his agendas are. You have to do your homework and not rely on The World … More
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Sistine Chapel Choir in Big Troubles

"In addition to your resignation you need to find a good lawyer", Pope Francis allegedly told Salesian Father Massimo Palombella, director of the Sistine Chapel Choir, who some days ago handed in …
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His compositions may be shallow, but his bank account will be deep
O what a tangled web we weave..., more dirt, PALESTRINA must be rolling in his grave! The NYC satanic fashion event is one of the most monstrous … More

St Francis receives the Stigmata

"O Lord Jesus Christ, Who when the world was growing cold, in order that the hearts of men might burn anew with the fire of Your love, did in the flesh of the most blessed Francis reproduce the … More
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Accused but Innocent.

US Catholic priest awarded damages over sex abuse claims

Minnesota priest sets ‘new legal precedent’ by winning case against man who jury agrees falsely accused him A jury in the port city of Duluth, in …
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HerzMariae this may happen when you wear the wrong shoes. Unfortunately, the pope in the red shoes was not aided and ignored by his Princes when … More
Cardinal Wuerl has met the Pope three times in just over a month. Cardinals Caffarra and Meisner died waiting for an audience with Pope Francis.

Sr. Marie Cecile

Meet Sr. Marie Cecile of the Trinity from the Daughters of Saint Elias. She is standing beside Old Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. In the background, to the right, you see two …
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Here is the progress on her convent, with views of Old Saint Mary's.…/489478891429000 More
Ave Crux
@Junderheld: I tried the email link on Facebook but it was bounced back. So I tried the message window. If you have contact info, I would love to … More
Based on what we have seen with Pope Francis ignoring Emma Bonino’s murder of children is it possible that Pope Francis would also ignore the facts that Cardinal McCarrick harmed children as well … More

Francis, the Abortionist, and McCarrick - The Lepanto Institute

The following is reprinted with permission from the editor of Pro-Life Corner. 9-13-2018 – Rockford Pro-Life Initiative – Is it really possible that…
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Boasted of personally carrying out 10,000 abortions before it was legalised. 'One of Italy's forgotten greats' for Francis.
She personally tore the arms, legs, hands, feet, and head off of the torsos of countless little girls and boys - “Pope” Francis calls her a “great … More