Amazon Synod Hails Gnosticism, Pantheism, Naturalism, Tribalism

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsTlixttiaiz
Pope Francis is calling for a church with “an Amazonian face — not a white face, but the face of the indigenous person, the river dweller, the black person, the person of mixed race,” said retired Bishop Erwin Krautler of Altamira, Brazil.
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Bergoglio promotes a false christ and a false church.
His apostasy is not new, their roots are in Argentina, where he promoted the pagan cult to the idol Gauchito Gil.
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Painting the road to hell
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Animism, liberation theology, kabbalism, communism -forgive the redundancy-, sexism, feminism, lgbt-ism, etc., etc., and a big etc.
...because a government founded on the belief that "relgion is the opiate of the masses" actually supports not only the Jewish religion but a complicated Jewish mystical system, right @eticacasanova? :D Seems your attempts at wit are as witless as your reasoning. ;)