Canada Premier Minister Justin Trudeau mocks Christ

Tesa 8
Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau mocked and ridiculed Christians by wearing a pullover that made fun of Jesus at the Last Supper, a Conservative Member of Parliament said. Trudeau and his … More
Perhaps the man is just stupid?
He is doing a terrible job for the freedom of church and family ,i wish he loses the next federal election ,the same for the premier of Ontario
Don Reto Nay
I understand Justin, he wants to distract from his ugly mug.
Poor little Trudeau. He mocks Christ and because Christ doesn't strike him quickly, he is emboldened. As is always the case, Christ will have His day with His enemies and it will be terrible.
This insult to the Son of God ,will be punished ,i demand a end to gay marriage its evil.
Trudeau is spineless, he is a baby killer, who supports the muhammadans/sex slave traders of women, while barking about feminist and transvestite's rights. Of course he also is a barker for feces filled homo pseudo marriage.
He is a coward, he would not wear that stupid sweater in the pressense of strong Christian men, without his gang of bodyguards. Because there are numerous of us, strong … More