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Warsaw, Poland: Easter 2017 Collage

Was in Warsaw from Good Friday to Easter Monday 2017, and visited some of these Roman Catholic churches in Warsaw: A St. Alexander's Church, Warsaw All Saints Church, Warsaw B St. Barbara's Church, Warsaw C Camaldolese Church, Warsaw Carmelite Chur… [More]
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Note Irapuato mentioned this post in Benedicto XVI reflexiona sobre el Estado y las exigencias del cristiano.
Rafał_Ovile To you, too, and thank you.... I carry my Divine Mercy Diary book to Mass these days...
MsPandevida Me puse el tapiz de la Divina Misericordia que me regaló Chavelactólica, sobre mi jorongo mexicano...
QUE PADRISIMO Irap.!! [More]
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Church of John of God, Warsaw Went to Mass here on Easter Sunday-across from the Ibis Hotel....
Tina 13 MsPandevida Varsovia me gustó: Muchas iglesias, y hubo una procesión Eucarística el Día de Pascua, hasta en frente de nuestro hotel, antes de la Misa de las 6 a.m.... Me hubiese gustado pasar más días...
The religiosity of countries such as Mexico and Poland contributed to general levels of happiness…/why-are-mexican…Why are Mexican teenagers so happy?