Pope Francis

LawrenceOP-Fan 5
"O God, who chose your servant Francis in succession to the Apostle Peter as shepherd of the whole flock, look favorably on the supplications of your people and grant that, as Vicar of Christ on … More
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The question is ,what is the purpose of Pope Frances mentioning That Jesus had pagan blood on His Veins ?
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Uncle Joe
It is a pity to see that the inmates have literally taken over the asylum resulting in the degeneration that has occurred to the once very popular and respectable GTV.
Por la venas de Jesus corre Sangre Pagana

If we take the words "through the veins of Jesus runs pagan blood" from the context in which they were said, it is … More
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Bergoglio recently stated on his trip to Columbia, that when our Lord walked the earth, pagan blood flowed through His veins! This is blasphemy. Obviously a blasphemer can NOT be Christ's representative. Bergoglio leads people to death. Jesus Is Life.
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