Anne Catherine Emmerick saw the Catholic religion in complete Decadence

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Dr Bobus
The road to hell is paved with miters
This is to publicly state that I no longer hold Anne Catherine Emmerich as a saint and she will understand that.

The things I've seen in the works attributed to her is just in total opposition with the truths of the Catholic Church.

I will still give all the evidence against her as a saint but will also give all the evidence that her works might have been corrupted and that we should complain … More
Joseph a' Christian
@Lisi Sterndorfer - I agree with your statement, and add that many priests are willfully malicious. Since, the homosexual false priests, pollute as much as they can. They warp the minds and bodies of our Catholic children.
Unity in Jesus, is our strength.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Women who want to *do* something in the Church have never had a problem finding a place ; for women who want to *be* something it's not so easy
Anne Catherine Emmerich is a very close saint of mine.
Anne Catherine Emmerich called VII's communion ordinary 'bread' and that those who don't know will be compensated.

You people must note that that period is long gone but still about the people of today that don't know. Now people who remain in this VII having learnt much about it are really not using their free will.

I am afraid to tell you that compensation does not mean that the actual Body … More
Lisi Sterndorfer
Most Synod fathers would appear to have no interior life to speak of, no faith, no understanding of their vocations, just empty words concerning worldly matters. They appear to have left the Church even while remaining physically present.